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Robinson, Duke teammates help orphanages in Ethiopia
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Cody Robinson grew up working out daily, following instructions of football coaches and doing all the dirty work in hopes of all the hard living he did would help him earn a scholarship.Robinson was rewarded with a full ride to Duke University and after completing his first season with the Blue Devils, the Warren County native got a real look at hard living.Robinson took a trip to Ethiopia with his Duke teammates at the beginning of May to volunteer at orphanages and hospitals.While in Ethiopia for 12 days, Robinson came to the realization how fortunate he has been during his lifetime.“It was truly a life-changing experience,” said Robinson. “It shows how lucky we really are and makes you appreciate everything.”Robinson, along with 11 teammates, one coach and two parent chaperones, spent over a week assisting at hospitals, digging fresh-water wells and working at a sports camp.The wells the team built were nothing compared to some of the bonds Robinson was able to establish. Robinson spent most of his time visiting with children, oftentimes just playing around and sharing laughs.Despite being back in the United States for over two weeks, Robinson still remembers the children he had the opportunity to meet.“You become really close to the kids,” said Robinson.