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Right On: Football, football, football
- Bruce Duke
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Football, football, and more football. With the high school season into its third week, Warren County will get a bye next week with the Warren County A&L Fair in town.
Don’t fret, if you have not reached your fill yet, college football kicked off its season this weekend and we're only a week away from the National Football League starting its regular season.
So if you are not in over-drive yet, just you wait. We found ourselves in Cookeville on Friday night and it was their homecoming game. I doubt anyone needs any explanation about homecoming. The handmade floats, the gowns, and the pageantry of naming a homecoming queen were all there.
As I watched I started to think about how many homecoming games I will see this year. Who knows? I took the extra time to take a break and double-check some of my chicken scratch and get something to drink.
So anyway I will surely keep you up to speed on exactly how many homecoming games I witness this season and it led me ahead to all of the eighth grade nights and senior nights that are on the horizon. I should have done a better job last year in keeping up with how many I saw.
It seemed like every night of the week I caught everyone’s eighth grade night. Then I started to think how times have changed. I cannot for the life of me remember an eighth grade night for sports. We had the typical Harvest Festival in the fall and sold tickets and apples, and maybe a cake-walk.
I am certain there was also no eighth grade graduation. In fact we talked about this very thing just a few days ago. When I received my report card at the end of my eighth year it had a line on the back and just above the line it said, assignment for next year and written in the teacher’s handwriting was grade nine.
Wow, what just happened here? I started talking about football and it went to homecoming to eighth grade night followed by report cards.
So anyway we will not cover Warren County football next Friday night due to a bye week. The fair is in town but we will be back the following week with all the football you can stand. Until then I will be hanging out at the soccer field and in the gym with the volleyball team.
Perhaps I’ll be around the Civic Center or just hanging out in front of the TV with my anchor down watching a little college football. Who knows, I might see what the Titans have to offer this sea-son and I am pretty interested in that for sure. Right on.