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Right On! 4-24-15
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Well amid all the talk of controversy we have discussed lately, we have a couple of new ones on the horizon. Maybe it just goes to show, it is hard being a superstar or celebrity. Take for instance, ESPN correspondent Britt McHenry. Was what she did really that bad? Is she really sincere with her apology?
Back on April 16, a video of McHenry verbally abusing a tow-lot employee was posted on LiveLeak. In the video, McHenry announced she is a TV reporter and proceeded to make numerous negative comments about the tow-lot’s employee. She made fun of the employee’s job and ridiculed what she thinks is the level of education and threatened to sue the tow company. She went as far to say “Maybe if I were missing some teeth they would hire me, huh?”
McHenry, I assume, was unknowingly being videotaped by surveillance camera for security purposes when she went on her tirade.
McHenry later apologized on Twitter saying, “In an intense and stressful moment, my emotions got the best of me and I said some insulting and regrettable things. I apologize for my actions and I will learn from my mistakes.”
In response, her employer ESPN suspended McHenry for a week.
Number one, what does anyone outside of ESPN really know about this woman. She, like the rest of us, is human. Just another celebrity blowing off steam at a regular person trying to do their job and because something was an inconvenience to her. A week off from work is probably not long enough for her to think much about it.
Furthermore I heard the woman at the tow-lot was not even bitter about the incident, probably nothing she hasn’t seen before. One thing is for sure, if you didn’t know her before like me, you probably do now and I highly doubt she will have an everlasting impression on me.
In a few years people will say, “Do you remember that blonde reporter that blasted the tow-lot attendant?” Chances are most people will say, “Who was she again?”
In other controversy, a verbal argument between Brittany Griner and her fiancé Glory Johnson that happened Wednesday afternoon at the home recently purchased by the couple resulted in the arrests of both women.
Police reported the two were arguing and escalated to throwing objects in each other’s direction. Johnson’s sister reported to police they could not pull the two apart and she felt the need to call for police.
Now I don’t know about you, but I would not want to try and break up a fight between Griner and anyone else for that matter. I mean she is 6-foot-8 and wears a size 17 shoe. I would have called for the police too.
This proves once again these people who have great careers and a nice stack of cash sitting around have the same exact problems regular folks have. The only thing is they seem to get much more recognition when things go south. Right on.