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Pioneers fall just shy, 12-7
Big plays continue to hurt Warren County defense
Coach Moore said that Dickson County gave them a different look with their offense.

The Warren County Pioneers took part in the Columbia Jamboree at Lindsey Nelson Stadium on Friday night as the freshman and varsity football teams played against the Dickson County Cougars. 
The freshmen were washed out early in their scrimmage by rain and lightning.  The Pioneer varsity team was washed out by big plays by Dickson County and a bad snap on a punt which gave the opposing Cougars the ball on Warren County’s 20-yard line and led to a TD. 
The final score after two quarters was 12-7 in Dickson County’s favor. The scrimmage was only scheduled for two quarters.
WCHS coach Tom Moore commented on how he was pleased to see the Pioneer varsity team “get after it.”
Coach Moore said, “Dickson County gave us a different look with their offense. It was an Army, Navy style of triple option, mid-line and veer offense, which we had to prepare for tonight.  And secondary wise, there were some things that I was a little worried about going into the scrimmage.  I thought we did well up front and got after it.  We made some big plays, some big stops when we needed to. We gave up some big plays, and we have to stop doing that. We have some young players in the secondary who are learning.”
The first big play Warren County surrendered was for 35 yards, and it came relatively early in the first quarter.  The defense held, and Dickson County missed a 45-yard field goal. The game remained scoreless.
Warren County struggled on offense in the first quarter with some penal-ties, dropped passes, and the inability to sustain a drive.  The first quarter ended 0-0 with Dickson County on Warren County’s 3-yard line threatening to score. 
At the start of the second quarter, Dickson County ran the ball in to score but failed to make the PAT, making it a 6-0 ballgame in the Cougars’ favor.
After Dickson County scored, Warren County immediately responded with a drive down the field.  Shawn Woodlee and Ethan Cowan helped move the ball on the ground. 
Dante Elam caught a pass on the drive. Senior quarterback Isaiah Grayson provided his usual excitement by scrambling and gaining 20 yards during the drive. 
Jay Rozier was also in the backfield and he scored the touchdown from about 2 yards out to tie the score at 6-6. The PAT was good and Warren County was up 7-6 with 8:06 to go in the second quarter.
Warren County’s defense continued to play well, and Luke Nisbet had a big sack to stop a Dickson County drive. 
With 4:25 to go in the scrimmage and Warren County still up 7-6, the Pioneers took over on their own 20-yard line.  The Pio-neers could not make a first down and had to punt.  A bad snap on the punt gave Dickson County the ball on the Pioneer 20-yard line with the clock winding down. 
Dickson County got a first down on the 7-yard line, but Warren County pushed the Cougars back to the 21-yard line.  On the next play, Warren County appeared to have the Dickson County quarterback sacked, but he eluded defenders to complete a pass for a touchdown.  The PAT was not good, and Dickson County had the lead, 12-7, with about a minute to go.
Warren County took the ball on its own 30-yard line and moved downfield.  Grayson completed two passes, including a screen to Cowan.  Grayson scrambled to the 2-yard line on a play that was called back due to a blocking-in-the-back penalty. 
Time expired with Grayson scrambling from the Cougar 21-yard line and being tackled a few yards past the line of scrimmage.
Coach Moore said, “I would have liked to have seen us win for the boys, but maybe tonight will help us get ready for DeKalb County. It is not always the effort that makes the difference. It is doing all the little things that are necessary to win.  We have been working on the offensive line and we saw some improvement there tonight. It is a work in progress. We had some dropped passes, but we are making improvement.  We are improving and I am proud of them.”
The highlight of the freshman scrimmage was Xander Lee, who ran up the middle for Warren County’s lone score before the scrimmage was called because of lightning in the area. 
Rain postponed the first Pioneer scrimmage on a Friday night with Lincoln County that was moved to a Monday.  Last Friday, the scrimmage with Tullahoma was delayed 90 minutes by rain. Tonight’s scrimmage was delayed for approximately 60 minutes.
Hopefully rain will not interfere with the Pioneers home opener this Friday night against DeKalb County.  The Pioneers should be healthy and have everyone suited up.  Game time is 7 p.m. at Nunley Stadium.

DeKalb County Tigers at Warren County Pioneers
Nunley Stadium Friday night, 7 p.m.