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Pioneer of the week
Clay Thompson
Clay Thompson

Clay is a pleasure to coach in every way. He is an attentive listener, an engaged participant and a great teammate. I could be mistaken, but I do not think I have seen Clay ever lose in a conditioning sprint. This speaks about his character. He also is able to take coaching - this is why he has improved as quarterback and as a football player since last year.

Clay is one of our quarterbacks and he has a chance to be the starter. Quarterback is a mentally demanding position. It takes confidence but also requires humility. It demands a superior work ethic. The quarterback must be dependable. And more than any other position, the quarterback must be willing to assume the blame while giving others credit. I have seen these qualities in Clay.

Clay started several games for us last year at receiver and corner and performed at a high level, especially for a freshman. I am looking forward to working with Clay this season.