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Norris wins 2017 Hilda Lowry baseball award
The Hilda Lowry Memorial Baseball Award was presented to Pioneer Peyton Norris on Saturday by Dawn Wannamaker, left, and Brandon Lowry, right, for all-around excellence in sportsmanship and citizenship.

Saturday was an excellent day for Warren County baseball in more ways than one.
First, the Pioneers defeated the visiting Wildcats, 5-0. Second, the 1992 state championship Pioneers were on hand so the 2017 team, coaches and fans had a chance to cheer once more for all the achievements the team accomplished. And finally, Pioneer Peyton Norris was presented the 22nd annual Hilda Lowry Baseball Award by Brandon Lowry, also a member of the 1992 Pioneers.
“My mother was an avid baseball fan and a teacher in Warren County for a long time. I’m lucky enough to be here in person as my sister, Dawn, usually gives it out because I don’t live here anymore,” said Brandon Lowry, son of Hilda Lowry. “This is special because it goes to a kid who is a true Pioneer, a player who is in good standing academically and gives everything he has for the team. It’s a special year as this young man is the one who is always here, always putting out whether it’s cleaning up or doing the worst jobs in the locker room or helping on the field to prop up his teammates. I’ve known his daddy a long time and it gives me great pleasure to present this to Peyton Norris.”
The Hilda Lowry Baseball Award is given to someone who is both outstanding in sportsmanship and citizenship, which adds to the honor of receiving it.
“Peyton is a great kid who has worked hard throughout high school,” said Warren County head baseball coach Adam Childs. “He does anything we ask of him and more. He has definitely been a pleasure to have on the team and I look forward to see what the future holds for him.”