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M&J Logging buries American Soil
City league - River Griffith.jpg
Crisp Springs infielder River Griffith launches the ball to first to make the play. Crisp Springs beat American Renovations after a close first inning that left Crisp Springs down by 1, but they came back to win 13-5. - photo by Taylor Moore

M&J Logging continues to be a force in the 7-8 year-old boys coach pitch baseball league, beating out American Soil Supply 16-0 at Hoover & Millraney Field on Tuesday night. 

Tee Martin and Jasper Morton both ran away with 3 runs each, and multiple M&J players hit homeruns.

Aidan Reilly of American Soil almost got a base hit to keep them in the game, but M&J’s defense got him out as he approached first. M&J is currently undefeated in the 7-8 league with almost every player on the team scoring hits and runs on Tuesday.

American Soil catcher Levi Doba made a great play at home tagging out M&J’s Rayder Crim to prevent another run. However, American Soil couldn’t muster up any runs to catch up, falling to M&J Logging 16-0.

M&J Logging scorers – Martin and Morton with 3 runs, Benjamin Ralph, Tayshawn Cummings, Cason Smith and Peyton Stevens with 2 runs, and Corbin Morton and Jay Hutchings both scored 1.

Earlier in the evening, Crisp Spring Fireworks beat American Renovations 13-5 after a competitive first inning. 

At the top of the first, Crisp Springs got a few base hits, but a double form Phoenix Hyer topped them off with 4 runs at the end of the inning. American Renovations responded with five runs of its own in the bottom of the first.

American Renovations almost got through their whole lineup before a runner was caught going to third. But Carter Eldridge was able to make it home before the play was made. 

After the second inning, Crisp Springs had a blast as Jaxon Haggins started the third with a hit.

They scored four more runs before striking out giving them an 8-5 lead over American Renovations. They topped the game off with 5 runs in the fourth to secure the win. Declan Fisher and River Griffith both racked up 3 runs to help gain the lead.

American Renovations scorers – Hudson Heatherly, Luke Austin, Andrew Watson, Lucas Ashburn and Carter Eldridge each scored 1 run.

Crisp Springs scorers – Fisher and Griffith with 3 runs, Knox Underhill, River Alford, and Beau Page with 2, and Haggins with 1.