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Losing a disease
Turner provides much-needed vaccine for football program plagued with history of losing
Matt's fun house
WCHS football coach Matt Turner has earned the nickname “The Vaccine” for providing a cure for 29 years of losing seasons. Turner is shown in what he calls the Fun House instructing Ryland Holder during a drill.
PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE “Losing is like a bad disease. It can be very contagious and not easy to cure. High school football in a small community is the heartbeat of the town. It gives the town something to rally around. It becomes that town’s identity. If you can figure out a way to be successful, it can be the one driving force that keeps your community going.” -- Vic Grider, Head Coach, South Pittsburg Football PREFACE Warren County Football did not have a winning season from 1991–2019. Ten coaches over 29 years failed to have a winning season. One of those coaches, Matt Turner, broke the losing streak in his second season. Warren County won its first eight games in 2020 to break the losing streak with a vengeance. Footnote: Warren County had 35 losing seasons out of 36 seasons from 1984–2019. Some very good football coaches tried to break the streak before Matt Turner. The coach who came the closest was Chris Madewell, who went 5-6 twice. Madewell was among four WCHS coaches who suffered 39 straight losses from 2001-2004. Madewell broke the losing streak in 2005, his first season of going 5-6.