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Lady Pioneers tuning up for volleyball season
WCHS volleyball tune up
WCHS junior Mia Hobbs, right, played great for the Lady Pioneers on Thursday and was a force at the net.

School’s approaching which means Warren County High School volleyball is coming up, and the Lady Pioneers are warming up for the season. 

The WCHS volleyball team participated in a play day on Thursday at Coffee County Central High School and competed in a series of scrimmages.

The varsity team played three matches against teams in and out of our district. The Lady Pioneers looked promising in their first set in their match against Jackson County. The Lady Pioneers were leading with senior Danika Reno and junior Mia Hobbs making an impressive save. 

The ball looked like it would hit the floor as Hobbs dove for it, and Reno hit it over the net. After the play was over, it was determined the ball bounced off Hobbs’ hand, not the floor, making it a point for Warren County. The Lady Pioneers won that set, but couldn’t keep it together for the second and third sets, losing the match to Jackson County.

Warren County then faced off against a team in its own district, Franklin County, with more success. WCHS volleyball coach Erin Blalock said, “We don’t like playing them before the season, but that’s how it happened.” 

The first set, the Lady Pioneers were behind by just a little keeping a good pace with Franklin County.

The second set proved to be more competitive as they were tied for much of the time. One would score, then the other. This back and forth was prevalent toward the end of the set as each team was inching its way toward the win. Unfortunately, the Lady Pioneers couldn’t gain the advantage and lost the set, 28-26.

A third set was played by the junior varsity teams where the Lady Pioneers beat Franklin County’s JV team by 10. 

Blalock is optimistic about the upcoming season. “Now they’re ready to play,” she said. “Now is the time to have the ugly games. This is what preseason is for.”

The Lady Pioneers will have their first game at Cannon County on Aug. 16, and they will make their home debut Aug. 17 against Grundy County.