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Lady Pioneer softball building completed
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Ever since coach David Upton assumed the role as Warren County High School softball coach, his goals have been to win on the field and to improve the landscape surrounding it.
Upton, in partnership with the Lady Pioneer booster club, began the process of making the Warren County High School softball field one of the nicest in the Midstate when the group put up lights nearly eight years ago.
After paying off a sizable loan to give the team a chance to host night games, Upton set his sights on giving his team their first ever locker room, along with an indoor practice facility.
The goal was finally realized this offseason when the Lady Pioneers moved into the new 4,800-square-foot building complete with locker rooms and an indoor practice field.
The Lady Pioneers have been putting the building to good use since the start of the spring semester. The softball team is allowed to start individual workouts and the building has provided the team a chance to get in swings at six batting stations set up around the practice field.
Coach Upton is happy the goal of having a place for his team to call home is finally complete.
“We’ve always wanted the team to have locker rooms, along with something indoor where we can go to avoid bad weather and still hold practice,” said Upton. “It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally complete.
“We have a place where our current girls can call home and girls in the first grade can start looking forward to playing in when they get to high school.”
While the building is done, the bill is still being paid and the softball program is hoping the community can help.
The softball booster club is asking for donations to help repay the $80,000 loan needed to complete the building.
The booster club and players have raised money before to pay for uniforms and equipment by asking for donations that resulted in signs hung on the outfield fence and the new fundraiser will be similar, but all the money will be going toward paying for the building.
Individuals and businesses can donate sums ranging from $250 - $5,000 and will be featured on signs classifying the clubs in which the person or business qualifies. The single club begins with a $250 donation and the person or business will be featured on the club sign for two years.
The highest level is the grand slam club, which exclusively recognizes individuals or businesses for four years that make a $5,000 donation.
Booster club president Kevin Rowland, along with project leader Sherry Jacobs, have already been seeking out donations. Rowland calls the building a dream come true and hopes the community will help with the endeavor of funding the new complex.
“We’re ecstatic about the new fieldhouse and are thankful for the businesses who have already helped with the cause,” said Rowland. “We realize that this amount will take a lot of hard work and will require generous support from our community.
“However, we strongly believe that the fieldhouse, now a permanent part of the high school grounds, is a very worthy endeavor and will serve to benefit an untold number of future Lady Pioneer softball players.”
Those wishing to donate to the cause can contact Jacobs by calling 235-0770.