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Kickball season kicks off
Payden Lee addresses the ball in Mondays adult kickball league game against Kick Paul. Lee scored a run for Kickin it Easy.
Let the good times roll.That is the mantra of the adult kickball league which just started its spring sports season.On Monday, Kickin’ it Easy took on Kick Paul at McMinnville Civic Center and, while the scorekeeping and statistics are still in their infancy, there was plenty of fun on display during the 5-inning contest. Kickin’ it Easy rallied in the fifth to defeat Kick Paul, 2-1.Kick Paul’s Chris Hennessee scored early in the game with an assist from teammate Penny Wanamaker for the 1-run lead which they held onto most of the game, hoping the big Easy wouldn’t be able to score on them as it was a thin margin to grasp.It got down to the last inning, and Kickin’ it Easy decided to kick a little harder. Payden Lee and Adam Lee proved a duo the 1 run couldn’t contain as they scored in the last of the fifth inning for the ballgame.Kickball has grown in Warren County after an introduction during the 2016 Smokin’ in McMinnville BBQ event.