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JROTC takes trophies in Kentucky
Warren County High School JROTC Raider cadet Victoria Looper scales an obstacle during training at home before the big matchup with other teams in Continuous Raider Meet this past weekend where the WCHS cadets took third place.

Taking to the road this past weekend, the Warren County Raider cadets – a group from the JROTC program – traveled to Kentucky to compete in the Continuous Raider Meet and came home with two trophies.
The A team won third place out of 10 competing teams at the varsity level while the B team won fifth place out of nine junior varsity teams.
The event was a little different in that the cadets were required to compete in eight vigorous events with no breaks in between requiring a great deal of endurance and stamina. It was around 90 minutes of extreme activity. The JROTC Raider program is much like other extreme sports like mountain climbing which can take months of preparation and training.
According to U.S. Army sources, a good way of describing Raider Nationals is comparing it on a team level to a Tough Mudder, Spartan Run, or Warrior Dash.
The JRTOC National site says, “This is an extreme sport that incorporates a lot of critical thinking, mental and physical capabilities that push the participants to the limit, and things like teamwork and leadership are tested.”
There are 12 members on each team, in Warren County’s case team A and team B, for a total of 24 student cadets from freshman to seniors. It’s not easy to compete at this level with events like the log sit up where eight cadets do 60 sit-ups with a telephone pole across their laps and no one holding their feet.
Then they must carry a liter with rock blocks simulating the weight of an average person, climb poles, cross poles, jump fences, crawl, build a rope bridge, carry water cans, and pull heavy tires back and forth all in a round-robin scenario for a total completion time that beats their competitors.
Training can be even more intense as the team uses weights and distances greater than those found in the Raider competition in order to perform better during the contest. The team also has to avoid costly penalties like a cadet falling off a log which can add time to their totals and penalize the entire squad.
Now that the Continuous Raider Meet is over, the Warren County JROTC Raiders travel to Boxwell Boy Scout Camp in Lebanon to compete in another contest with the same events as Continuous Raider Meet, just not performed consecutively.