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Introducing 'The Coach Tom Moore Show'
The first airing of The Coach Tom Moore Show, featuring Warren County High School head football coach Tom Moore, can now be seen on the Standards website, The show includes a look back at the Lebanon game and comments about the upcoming Cookeville game from coach Moore. It will be a weekly segment on the website. Pictured is Standard editor James Clark, left, chatting with Moore during the show. Future shows will be recorded at Mudbums with Pioneer fans encouraged to attend.

I’ve never had what you’d call a face made for TV. But apparently I’m moving in that direction.
My face, thankfully, is still not on TV, but you will be able to see it on video segments we’ve been filming here at the Standard. In our efforts to grab technology by the throat, the Standard is transforming into a multi-media mecca with a website saturated with video content.
We’ve long joked our newspaper will be a TV station before long and I think that punchline is finally starting to become reality. Many of the events we cover for print are now accompanied by video footage on our website,
Since we can monitor the number of views our online content receives, I can say our video footage is running with the popular crowd. It’s hip and our readers are embracing – or at least watching – these online segments.
This is a long way of saying the Standard has started filming “The Coach Tom Moore Show,” which features the WCHS football coach and me as your trusty host. We filmed the first installment Monday night at the newspaper office and are planning to film the rest of the shows at Mudbums to provide a lively, sports-filled atmosphere.
If you’d like to see this stab at cinematography, “The Coach Tom Moore Show” is uploaded and now available on our website. Also available for your viewing pleasure are in-depth highlights from the WCHS game last week in Lebanon. If you didn’t make this road trip but want to see how the Pioneers looked, this highlight segment is perfect.
As for “The Coach Tom Moore Show,” it’s a great way to gain insight you won’t find anywhere else. One of the questions I asked coach Moore was about the team’s success on opening drives. The Pioneers have marched downfield in impressive fashion for TDs on their opening drives against DeKalb County and Lebanon.
Coach Moore said he attributes much of that success to scripting the first 15 plays of the game. The players go over those 15 plays repeatedly, know what’s coming, and then have gone out and executed on game day.
Another thing Pioneer fans may have noticed is the team hasn’t experienced a wealth of success throwing the ball to its WRs. Instead RBs have been the primary target in what could best be described as a short passing game.
Coach Moore told me on his show this is a concern and he’s looking to make some adjustments because defenses are crowding the line of scrimmage with no vertical passing threat from the Pioneers.
“The Coach Tom Moore Show” is another way the Standard is modifying our coverage to adapt to the times. There’s not much I can do about my TV face, but we can work to keep pace with technology.