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I'd Hit That doesn't hit enough
Team Gann wins by 20
Team Ganns pitcher Lee Gann makes a quick play for the out in Wednesdays matchup with Id Hit That at Cat Walker Field.

Team Gann took on I’d Hit That on Wednesday night on Cat Walker Field at McMinnville Civic Center and run-ruled the I’d Hit That gang after three innings, 22-2.
I’d Hit That had first bat and initially jumped to a 2-0 lead before they were retired by Team Gann. Shea Muncey and Brody Fernandez scored for I’d Hit That in the first, which was the only offense they could muster.
Team Gann took its opponent’s moniker to heart and used it as a mantra as they did hit that, coming out of the bottom of the first ahead 13-2. All but two players on the roster scored runs with some crossing home plate twice.
Chris Childress, Amber Young, Aubrey Green and Lee Gann all scored 2 runs apiece in the first inning and Penny Wanamaker, Bubba Lee, Lee Basham, Lynn Gann and Heather Gann all scored 1 run each for the gunning Ganns to set the up with an 11-run lead before turning the plate over to I’d Hit That.
An over-the-fence home run by Green facilitated Gann’s proficiency.
Unfortunately for the hit-that squad, it went out 1-2-3 as Lee Gann proved proficient in the circle as well as at the plate.
Business continued as usual for the Gann gang as another home run by Green helped score more runs as Young, Lee, Brooklyn Bain, Basham, Lynn Gann and Heather Gann all scored making the total 20-2 after the second inning.
Again, I’d Hit That chose not to, and were retired 1-2-3. For Gann’s, Justin Scott and Lee put the icing on the cake to finish off the ballgame 22-2 after three innings.