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Having fun in the mud
Benjamin Lu makes his way across the floating dock portion of the Fun Mud Run. He was accompanied in the race by his mother, Belinda Lu.

Carbide CrossFit partnered with Smartt Assembly of God again this year for the second annual Mud Fun Run. Despite a tremendous rain the day prior to the race, the course did not seem quite as muddy as last year’s race.
Competitors did not let that stand in their way of running the three-quarters of a mile course that had plenty of obstacles and the occasional mud pit. It was an up-and-down race over wooden structures and under strands of string that spanned the course and forced those who took part in the race to get down and dirty.
Tony Richards is a 43-year-old competitor who made the trip from Georgia to participate in the fundraising event. With a group of nearly 50 runners, this year’s overall winner was Wesley Jennings. Even though the runners were not judged on time, Jennings was not going to let that slow him down. He made his way to the lead in the first 150 yards of the race and never looked back.
As the runners made their way into the final leg of the race, a floating dock was constructed to only go halfway across a pond. It forced the runners to leap into the chilly waters and swim for the bank. Several competitors made their way out of the water with one less shoe than when they entered.
The final obstacle before crossing the finish line was a large man-made slip and slide. After washing away some of the mud and dirt, runners were free to cross the finish line and look for dryer clothes.
The race featured runners of all ages with the adults starting first followed by the younger competitors. After each runner had finished, several went back for a second run and plans for next year’s Mud Fun Run are already being discussed.