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Hail to the heroes
WCHS honors '92 state champion team
MTSU's baseball stadium was packed with Warren County fans in 1992 as the Pioneers defeated Germantown to win the state championship. WCHS hopes for a similar crowd for its game Saturday during which the '92 team will be honored.
In 1992, the Warren County Pioneers took the field at MTSU and went on to become state champions by defeating Germantown twice in double elimination.Saturday, the 2017 WCHS Pioneer baseball team will play Hixson at Patrick Ramsey Field starting at 2:30 p.m. If that’s not enough fun for one day, prior to commencement there will be a ceremony honoring the 1992 Pioneer state championship team.“We’re really looking forward to this weekend,” said Brent Whitlock, baseball coach and member of the 1992 squad. “We’ve gotten quite a few players together and put a multi-media presentation from some films we have from the time frame. We were fortunate to find VHS footage of some things and that helped.”Whitlock worked to organize a 1992 Warren County baseball state championship 25-year reunion scheduled for this Friday and Saturday where the first day will be a dinner and get-together followed by watching a game on Saturday at Patrick Ramsey Field.