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Everlasting Joy - WCHS schedule nothing to take lightly
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The question on everyone’s mind as we start the countdown to WCHS football 2021 is can the Pioneers come close to replicating their 8-3 record from last year.

That topic came up Wednesday when a pal stopped by the office and noticed a football schedule taped to the wall.

“So how do you think the Pioneers will do?” he asked in a clearly loaded question.

He then took a step closer to the schedule and started to play a game I’ve come to call “Count the Pioneer Wins.” It’s a dangerous game and one which is foolish to play, yet it never ceases to draw Warren County fans into its trap.

The problems with this game are many, starting with the miscalculations my pal made right from the start.

“We open with Smithville so that should be a win,” he said. “We play Coffee County later in the season so that should be a win too.”

I find it amusing that Warren County fans always consider the DeKalb County game a win, yet the Pioneers are 4-6 in this series over the past 10 years. The Tigers are a perennial playoff team and not at all an automatic win. 

I don’t mean to be rude, but anyone who thinks Warren County is going to walk on the field and get a win against Smithville because we’re a bigger school has simply not been paying attention to high school football.

The same can be said for Coffee County. Over the past decade, the Pioneers and Red Raiders are evenly split, each winning 5 games. It’s certainly not a game we can chalk up as an automatic win.

Truth be told, Warren County left the dreaded district with all the Murfreesboro schools, but the schedule really didn’t get any easier. Oakland and Riverdale are gone, definitely a sign of happiness, but Siegel remains and Mt. Juliet has been added.

The last time we played Shelbyville in 2018, it was a 41-13 loss. And we’re 1-3 in our last four games against Franklin County.

Traditionally, White County is very bad at football so that’s a game we better win in Week 2.

Week 3 brings the great unknown, a trip to Memphis in what will be the first-ever meeting between the Pioneers and Ridgeway. This appears to be a really tough game because even if Ridgeway is absolutely awful, there’s still a 4.5-hour road trip to navigate, which is an adventure in itself.

Top to bottom, this isn’t a schedule which brings a smile. I see far more tough games than cream puffs. 

Good luck to all the folks who want to look at the schedule and play “Count the Pioneer Wins.” 

I’m confident the wins will come, but it’s sure not going to be easy.