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Durham, Standard fund replica trophy
CJ and Brandy Pinegar 4-26.jpg
C.J. Taylor and his mother Brandy Pinegar were at the ceremony Saturday in which C.J. presented his Mr. Football Trophy to the Black History Museum of Warren County. - photo by Brad Durham

The Southern Standard and sports reporter Brad Durham combined to furnish a replica Mr. Football trophy for the Black History Museum of Warren County.

On Saturday, Mr. Football himself, C.J. Taylor, presented the trophy he earned from a spectacular season on the gridiron to museum curator Wayne Wolford.

The Standard is honored to provide this keepsake which will hopefully be available for viewing at the Black History Museum for generations to come.

Said Standard publisher Patricia Zechman, “C.J. had the type of football season that’s worth remembering. He’s this community’s first Mr. Football recipient so in hindsight it’s almost a no-brainer to have his trophy on display at our Black History Museum.”

Zechman continued, “Sports reporter Brad Durham is the one who came up with this idea and he pitched it to me, even saying he wanted to pay half the cost of the trophy out of his own pocket if the Standard would pay the other half. So that’s what happened and I’m glad Brad thought of this. If he didn’t, there’s no telling how many years might have slipped by before someone realized, hey, C.J.’s Mr. Football trophy needs to be in our Black History Museum.”