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Dibrell Wildcats edge Warren Middle School
Dibrells Nathan Elrod, left, makes his move down court as he passes Warren County Middle School Pioneer Jax King.
The Warren County Elementary Basketball Association 5-6 grade season tournament came to a conclusion after the No. 1-seeded Dibrell Wildcats proved they deserved the ranking after a 48-46 barn-burner win over the Warren County Middle School Pioneers.The barn-burner term definitely applied as defined “a sporting event which occasions a great deal of excitement” as any fan could tell you who witnessed the contest.Warren County Middle School was down by 4-points with 1:22 left, 42-38, when Sawyer Seymour made an inside shot to get the Pioneers within 2 points. After a forced turnover, Wesley Sherrell (all tournament) tickled the twine from outside the arc bringing the Pioneers to a 1-point ballgame, 44-43.