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Custom Collision rolls on
Custom Collisions Berkley Black gets a hit during the first round of the tournament Tuesday when the team played Ben Lomand Connect.
Custom Collision took the right road toward becoming champions Tuesday. In round one of the postseason tournament, the collision crew handed Ben Lomand Connect a 9-3 loss in boys 6-8 action.Keeping Ben Lomand in check during the first four innings, holding them to no runs, Custom Collison started early in the first when Kaden Jones chalked 1 run on the board. Berkley Black and Miquel Garcia added 2 more runs in the second, followed by Cason Davis, Jones and Jaxson Grissom scoring 3 in the third for a 6-0 lead.The Ben Lomand boys probably started a little late on the offense, but they battled to get what they could as Isaac Smith scored for Ben Lomand’s first run of the game, 6-1.