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Covenant basketball plays come from Storey's book
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New Covenant head boys basketball coach Isaiah Storey shows freshman Keaton Alcorta what they are going to do at practice that day. Storey is also a new teacher this year at Covenant Academy and teaches 7-12 grade History, Civics, and Government. - photo by Bethany Porter
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Covenant Academy has a new head boys’ basketball coach fresh out of college.

Twenty-four-year-old Isaiah Storey started coaching the elementary, middle, and high school boys basketball teams this year and started his first year of teaching. He is teaching 7-12 grade History, Civics, and Government. Storey graduated from Lee University last May with a Bachelor’s Degree in History with an emphasis in Political Science

“It’s amazing. I love it. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else or in any other atmosphere. I absolutely love teaching here,” he said.

Storey is from Rockwood, Tennessee and moved to McMinnville after marrying his wife, Emily, in June. He played basketball in high school and briefly played in college at Champion Christian College until he injured his knee causing him to retire from the game. He hopes his past experience with basketball will help him keep the Covenant Academy basketball team on a winning path.

“I have always loved sports since I was a kid. I played college basketball and I worked for a Division II scholarship at Champion Christian. It wasn’t a full ride, but I was able to work and play basketball and then a knee injury sidelined me. I just felt like teaching history—I know coaching and teaching history is a stereotype, but I have always wanted to teach history and government and coach the game I love,” said Storey.

So far, Storey has had a positive coaching experience at Covenant Academy.

“It’s been amazing. It’s had its ups and downs. The first year of coaching, it is what it is most days. I’m dealing with kids who come from the best of backgrounds and then I have kids who come from not as privileged backgrounds and I have to make it mesh, but the kids get alone really great so it makes my job easy,” he said.

His favorite part about coaching and teaching this year is being a role model for the young men around him. 

“My favorite part so far is leading young men to integrity and character and trying to be the best Christian example possible and the best male role model in their lives as possible,” said Storey.

The most challenging aspect of the job Storey has noticed is trying to encourage the students and athletes after the previous year of uncertainty. 

“COVID has killed a lot of kids’ love and strive for academics,” said Storey. “They got used to sitting behind a computer screen which isn’t their fault. Having to get them back in gear to focus on their grades has been the hardest part, for me. And on the court it is just listening ears. God gave you two ears and one mouth. That is my quote to my elementary boys and to my high school boys.”

Storey is taking the place of former head coach Ryan Smith. Covenant Academy excelled last year winning a conference championship and winning the majority of its games. According to Storey, there were six or seven seniors on the team last year and this year, they only have two returning players. He acknowledges that he has a lot to live up to, but he is ready for the challenge.

“So, I have a lot to fill basically. I am up to it,” said Storey.