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Construction on WCHS fieldhouse nears completion
The new multi-sport facility located at WCHS awaits new turf that should arrive this week. The artificial turf, along with minor ground work and cleanup, is just about all that awaits completion of the Pioneers new fieldhouse.

Work is drawing to a close for the newest addition to the Warren County High School campus, the multi-sport facility otherwise known as a fieldhouse.
The fieldhouse will provide a 40-yard practice area and a weight room to complement the school’s existing weight room.
Warren County athletic director Todd Wilmore said, “We believe both facilities will be beneficial to all student-athletes. When our new and existing weight rooms are used in combination, multiple teams will be able to train at the same time, as opposed to scheduling times around each other.”
Work began about six months ago on the project which was originally budgeted at $1.1 million. The project total came in over the estimated cost at $1.32 million.
Crews began construction around the beginning of this school year and caused quite a stir on campus when the builder, Sain Construction, used nearly 70 parking spaces for construction equipment and building materials.
The loss of so many parking spaces sent a shockwave through the student body and made parking passes much more valuable to those lucky enough to get one.
The 177-foot by 111-foot building is currently awaiting the artificial turf that should arrive this week, according to job-site supervisor John Sain. The turf was delayed after it was decided there was a need to add soccer lines, as well as the already planned football markings.
Willmore added, “We envision not only soccer and football using the facility, but other teams such as track and field, wrestling, and tennis for conditioning, speed and agility training, plymetrics, etc.  Potential uses for our athletic programs are unlimited.”
A spray-in insulation company was on the job site Monday to inject insulation into the five foot wall of concrete blocks surrounding the base of the structure to help keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Four large heaters in the corners will provide warmth, while large fans at the ends of the building will help draw cooler air through the space during the summer.
Finishing touches inside the 4,000-square-foot weight room are being completed. A very durable rubber mat floor has arrived and is awaiting installation. It was previously reported equipment for the weight room has been ordered at a cost of $147,336, nearly $52,000 below the original price. The bid was awarded to FitWorx, with approval from Warren County School Board members and the county Financial Management Committee.
The new weight room will add 14 work stations and allow student-athletes to perform a variety of exercises. Athletes will be able to work with traditional lifts and new Olympic-styled lifts. The new room will include five dumbbell stations, three kettlebell stations, and a number of auxiliary machines.
“All of our teams and coaches are excited about the opportunities this new facility will provide, especially the potential for improving our overall strength program,” said Willmore. “We are sincerely grateful to Bobby Cox and members of our School Board for having the resolve to push for this project and to understand the overall benefits it will provide to our school and community.”
The project will conclude with some ground work and landscaping in the near future.