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4 weeks of can-you-believe-it college football plays
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The once-in-a-lifetime play has become a weekly occurrence this college football season.

Game-winning botched punt? Check.

Game-winning blocked field return? Check.

Eight-lateral, game-winning kickoff return touchdown? Check.

Now add to the list of Twitter-busting crazy plays, Arkansas' game-saving backward pass. Hog Mary? Maybe?

It seems so long ago that this mayhem started in Michigan so let's take a look back and the weirdness that got us here.


All Michigan needed to do was get a punt off to beat Michigan State.

Wolverines punter Blake O'Neill bobbled the snap, panicked, and instead of falling on the ball he tried to get the kick off. Instead, it slipped from his hands into those of Jalen Watts-Jackson. The Spartans' defensive back followed a convoy of teammates into the end was the last 10 seconds of the game ticked away and Michigan State had a most miraculous 27-23 victory in the Big House.

"That's why football is loved so much in America," Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio said. "It's because things like this happen. Every now and then, they happen."


Florida State All-American Robert Aguayo booted a 56-yard field goal attempt on the final play of regulation with the game tied at 16, but Georgia Tech blocked the kick. It bounced and rolled toward the end zone Aguayo was kicking toward. At first the Yellow Jackets waved each other away from the ball.

Lance Austin then decided to pick it up and go and what a decision it turned out to be.

Austin followed a wall of blockers 78 yards for a game winning touchdown to hand Florida State a 22-16 loss that left Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson a little dumbfounded.

"I go from yelling 'get away from it' to 'run, run, run,'" Johnson said.


Miami only had time to return a kickoff after Duke had taken a 27-24 lead with 6 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

The plan, if you could call it that for the Hurricanes, was to keep the ball alive and hope.

Miami started lateraling the ball around, mostly going backward, before suddenly the 'Canes found a lane after the eighth lateral. Corn Elder raced 75 yards for the winning score in a 30-27 victory. The only thing missing was the band on the field, a la Cal-Stanford.

But even then it really wasn't over. Officials conferenced. Replays were reviewed. Flags were picked up. The play stood, but it should not have. Eventually officials were suspended, but the result stood.

Now you can buy a T-Shirt commemorating the greatest touchdown that never should have happened in college football history.


Fourth-and-25 for Arkansas and the pass from Brandon Allen to Hunter Henry was complete but way short of the first down. Ole Miss was about to beat the Razorbacks 52-45 in overtime.

But wait. Before going down, Henry flung the ball backward, at least 15 yards away. Henry's teammate Alex Collins picked it up on the bounce and then ran it for a 31-yard gain and a first down.

Moments later the Hogs were in the end zone and after all that madness it was only fitting that Arkansas would go for 2 to win instead of kicking for the tie.

Sack. Game over. Ole Miss wins.

Nope. Facemask on the Rebels.

With a second chance, Allen launched himself into the end zone for a 53-52 victory.

And now we've seen it all.

Until next week.