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Citizens Tri-County Bank cashes in against Hobbs Inc.
City league - Mikhail Wilcher and Caysen Starkey.jpg

The city’s 9-10 baseball league got competitive Tuesday evening with Citizens Tri-County Bank coming from behind and beating Hobbs Inc., 6-5.

Hobbs took the early lead in the first inning with a run from Dallas Gater.

Hobbs batters kept getting hits, but they managed to only get one run before the Citizens Liam Moore struck out 2. Citizens started rough at the plate with the first three on the lineup striking out to Ryder Hobbs, who is a powerful pitcher.

Hobbs Inc. continued scoring in the second inning to improve its lead over Citizen scoring 2 runs. Citizens did make a little progress in the bottom of the second when rain started to drizzle. Immediately Mikhail Wilcher got a hit, and Moore got walked to take bases.

Raylan Herman then doubled to bring the 2 runners home and start catching up to Hobbs. By the third inning, it was 3-2 with Hobbs ahead. Hobbs kept the momentum and kept it consistent scoring 2 more runs, but they started to struggle against Moore’s arm on the mound where he struck out 3 that inning. From here, Citizens took over the game.

The first four on the lineup each collected a run putting them ahead 6-5 going into the fourth inning. Hobbs had the pressure on them to get a run where they got close. Caysen Starkey started to run the bases, but he got caught running home.

Citizens catcher Mikhail Wilcher played fast and got the ball to tag Starkey out in a thrilling play. With Moore striking out 2 more, the ballgame was called in Citizens’ favor 6-5 in a close and hard-fought game.

Citizens Tri-County Bank scorers – Mikhail 2 runs, Bryson, Turner, Wyatt and Liam all with 1 run.

Hobbs Inc. scorers – Dallas, Ryder, Tucker, Uriah, and Weston each with 1 run.