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Carbide CrossFit getting clients fit
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The final days of school are closing in and our New Year’s resolutions have probably been long forgotten. But if you want to keep your motivation or you are just looking to stay active, or maybe you should contact Brandon Eckel at Carbide CrossFit here in McMinnville for the new alternative in fitness.
CrossFit is performing functional movements that are constantly varied at high-intensity intervals. It is not a specialized fitness program but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of 10 recognized fitness domains. A few of those are cardiovascular endurance, strength, stamina, and flexibility just to name a few. CrossFit started in the military and slowly worked its way into the police and fire departments across the country.
Eckel started his CrossFit training four years ago after leaving the Marines. He is now with the Air Force and works in intelligence but he missed the high-intensity workouts offered while in the service. He started his workouts in Cookeville and after working 12-hour days in a factory and making numerous trips back and forth, Eckel was encouraged by his wife to get his certification as a CrossFit trainer and open his own gym, Carbide CrossFit.
Carbide CrossFit started in the Eckels home with his brother and his friend. He then brought a friend and Carbide continued to grow into what it is today. Eckels had gotten his certification before he was able to open his business. Eckels said, “I got certified just because I wanted to be better, and I wanted to be a better coach.”
He realized he enjoyed coaching people into being better movers, then the passion grew into a passion of opening his own place to help even more people.
What exactly does an intense workout consist of? It is a general physical preparedness program with a goal to be good at everything and not just one or two things. CrossFit is based on gymnastic type movements whether you are a beginner or advanced. A beginner could be a pull-up or a plank push-up and a more advanced movement would use the Olympic rings.
Most people think CrossFit is all cardio but Eckel and his members actually do a lot of Olympic style lifting with very heavy weights under time constraints. You have a very limited amount of time to complete your movements after your workout has been determined. It is a different mode every day to where you might be running and push the body for a short period of time. Another day you might stay in an extreme high intensity for a short duration just according to your own workout regimen.
You are more less competing against yourself and the clock. Everything in CrossFit is measurable by the clock and everything is repeatable. There is no guessing about getting better, you will see your times get faster and your reps increase. Where does your fitness stand against everyone else’s? The benchmarks are timed and you can see in which fitness level you fall.
The foundations are the beginners and are called “back to basics.” That is simply the basic of gymnastics movements and every Olympic movement. There is a set-up and movement and stance for each one. Starting with the basics that focus on making sure you are comfortable with the movements as well as understanding the language. If you do not understand what you are doing and how to do it properly can result in injury.
Each person at Carbide works out at his or her on pace. Some people may be using empty bar-bells for modified movements depending on where that individual’s level is at. Eckel says it is his job to make sure each person achieves his or her own goals one day at a time, even if some people require a little more time.
Not only does Carbide teach you to exercise but it teaches you how to eat healthier right down to the cellular level and what is going on inside your body. Eckel is also going to help you with a diet that is geared for performance.
Eckel also said, “Every day is a competition at Carbide CrossFit and I want you to leave better than when you walked in the door.”
There is an area for children at Carbide CrossFit during your workout. Kids eight and over can also workout on a very scaled down version and can be taught to exercise if they wish to participate. The health of a child is extremely important and Eckel is also a certified kid trainer as well.
CrossFit is an extreme workout for people who want to do something for themselves. If you want to be in better shape or just lose weight, at Carbide CrossFit we do not let people say “We can’t.”
The CrossFit movement is sweeping the country and puts you against yourself and other top athletes around the country and around the world.