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Bowling Report 10-2
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Gold and Silver League
Talk about competition. We’re off to a strong start.
As most of you know, we’re on the seven-point system -- two points for each game won and a point for the high three-game series. After four weeks, the top three teams are tied in points. Can’t believe the competition is so tough so early in the season. Don’t you guys know we’re a fun league?
I guess if you’re one of the top three, you’re having a lot of fun. Enjoy it while it lasts. Several other teams are not far behind and claim to be stretch runners. See you heavy hitters at the finish line.

Week 4 Team Standings
Foster & Foster                           20
Citizen’s Tri-County Bank           20
B&G Supply                              20
Woodbury Bunch                        19
First National Bank                    18
Donald Hillis Realty                    16.5
The Green Machine                    15.5
KP’s McMinnville Lanes              11
Dr Pepper                                   11
Warren County Nursery              11
Best Western Tree City Inn         10
Brent’s Computer Center            10
Homeland Community Bank       7
Ladies’ Division
Pam Parrish                493       185
Jan Foster                   478       169
Betty Toler                  468       168
Lou Nichols                  465      171
Mary Ray                      423      154
Men’s Division
Tony Spinella              626      224
Mike McMurray           543      192
Bill Jones                    529       191
Jim Newby                  525       182
Larry Taylor                 521      182

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