Warren County up to 22 cases of COVID-19
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Autism 5k results
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Top Overall FemaleKeely Campbell 23:16.4 Top Overall MaleMatthew Bratcher 19:47.7 Age 1-9Callyn Sullivan 28:20.2Connor Cook 35:26.4Presley Winfree 37:08.9Summer Wanamaker 40:25.4Addisyn Watson 43:32.8Jordan Cook 44:37.7 Ages 10-14Antonio Botello 23:01.1Corban Felton 23:02.9Jorge Vazquez Jr. 23:10.7Abram Stinson 24:06.3Ava Claire Wrather 26:05.5Makenzie Haile 26:59.4Ella Ming 27:13.2Will Wrisner 27:40.3Walt Wrather 27:46.1Elijah Richardson 29:16.7Hannah Richardson 30:53.6Sydney Cook 32:48.0Issac Cantrell 34:31.5Jace Brantley 35:05.4Shelbe Gross 36:26.1Sarah Grissom 37:07.3Megan Jarrell 37:24.0Rose Simpson 37:43.8Kobe Brand 42:03.7Isabella Pennington 1:00:34.2 Ages 15-19Will Cheek 24:09.7Carter Smith 25:00.2Austin Cole Cook 31:43.3Valeria Alvarez 31:57.1Emma Kate Wrather 32:46.0Nate Cantrell 34:14.7Alexandra Thomas 34:22.0Richard Gonzalez 34:22.2Kelsey Gross 34:29.9Peyton Haston 36:34.1Garrett Gilliam 38:11.0Erin McDowell 38:12.6Sarah Shrum 38:30.1Ellen Bandy 39:40.5Grace Badger 40:24.2Caitlyn Jarrell 40:28.0Thomas George 45:47.4 Ages 20-24Issac Berber 28:25.2Gage Simpson 29:14.2Clay Myers 29:21.0Spencer Pryor 29:52.9Jake Roach 33:03.3Kayla Brown 37:51.6Will Ramsey 39:00.6Mary E. Roller 42:46.4Gabi Keith 43:00.7Cora Youngblood 45:15.2Chelsea Hunns 45:26.3Sarah Jacobs 45:28.7 Ages 25-29Patricia Vazquez 27:22.8Chelsea Lawson 28:25.3Kara Gingras 28:33.2Whitney Judkins 28:45.5Cody Durham 29:52.0Whitney Young 36:18.6Ashley Hobbs 37:12.5Kelly Roberson 38:55.7Sarah Wilson 42:53.0 Ages 30-34Jorge Vazquez Sr. 24:22.9Brandon McGee 26:26.2Philip Hitchcock 27:24.2Ross Garrison 27:34.3Monica Reed 28:36.8Caleb Shehane 34:29.6Sarah Mahoney 35:18.0Brandon Taylor 38:04.3Jeremy McGregor 38:05.2Chris Roberson 38:55.6J.D. Elder 39:13.3Jenny Elder 39:15.8Stephanie Roller 43:06.5John Watson 43:39.9Jessica Bryson 48:09.5Kati Minton 48:09.8Layne Mullins 55:24.9Ashley Pinegar 55:25.7Tara Koran 1:00:44.2 Ages 35-39Michael Carr 23:03.1Darren Oakley 23:14.4Lisa Gilder 23:59.4Phillip Smith 38.06.2Jamie Womack 39:32.1Mandy Gay 40:17.6Dustin Sullivan 42:03.6 Ages 40-44Jarvis Johnson 24:19.5Chris Cope 25:36.3Nolan Ming 27:14.2Mendi Wrather 27:55.9Valerie Tylka 28:02.2John Brantley 29:28.3Marc Martin 29:38.4Melinda Martin 30:00.5Leeann Richardson 31:24.8Betsy McBride 32:41.3Demetria Hale 35:54.7Sebrena Wade 39:28.3Tim Lewis 43:03.2 Ages 45-49Blaine Wilcher 21:46.1Chris Panter 23:34.7Scott Reagan 25:15.8Shaun Cook 29:07.2Tammy Anderson 29:17.1Tammy Panter 30:03.8Margaret Lune 30:17.0Kelly Lewis 31:42.9Lucretia Brown 32:24.8Jana O’Connor 33:45.2David Stinson 33:52.3Jennie McDowell 40:23.9Laura Smith 44:23.6Mary Lee Walker 45:09.7Chris Terry 45:18.7 Ages 50-54Walt Tim Wrather 27:55.8Marsha Brock 30:52.3Janet Jones 31:55.2Steve Keck 36:47.6Ruth Ann McInnis 44:38.9Lesley Hayes 45:14.0 Ages 60-64Dan McInnis 33:32.8Betty Troop 34:39.2 Ages 65+Gerald Goodwin 32:50.1Linda Holder 45:20.8Sid Kimbrell 1:01:22.1

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