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Aaron's Heat and Air too hot for Dr. Franson
Ceilee Gudat of Aarons Heating and Air pitches Thursday at Pete Holt Field playing Dr. Franson Orthopedics.

Aaron’s Heat and Air, standing at No. 2 in the girls 10-12 league, took on Dr. Franson Orthopedics, which was fighting for a way out of the cellar Thursday night on Pete Holt Field.
Unfortunately for the doctor, Aaron’s kept the heat on with a 13-7 victory in its bid to take first place away from Team Evolution, which is sitting at .800 while the Heating and Air bunch is holding steady at .750
Dr. Franson was the visiting team with first bat and led early with a 1-0 lead after a run by Maddox Adams.
Aaron’s rallied in the bottom of the inning, maxing out with 5 runs by Ceilee Gudat, Macayla Cagle, Emma Jones, Lexi Lafever and Brianna Walker to lead 5-1.
In some back-and-forth action, it was the doctor’s turn to put pressure on as Adams, Ky Damon, Bella Stiles, Emily Cantrell, Lily Gillespie and Kira Franson all crossed home to make it a 7-5 ballgame.
Aaron’s answered the call immediately, jumping into action in the bottom of the inning by scoring 5 right back with Gudat, Cagle, Emma Cooper, Abby Sullivan and Caitlyn Washer scoring runs to give Heating and Air a 3-run lead, 10-7.
Dr. Franson Orthopedics had a rough time in the third, as Aarons retired the side keeping the lead and winning the game in the bottom of the inning as they took advantage of some Franson pitching miscues and scored 3 more runs to end the contest.
 Lafever, Walker and Jera Jones scored the final runs with Lafever and Walker walking to first, stealing second, third and even home.