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Aaron's beats Namaste
Team Namastes Catherine Trail takes the circle Tuesday against Aarons Heat and Air at the McMinnville Civic Center youth league on Pete Holt Field.
Aaron’s Heat and Air won against Namaste Spa on Thursday night, 12-6, during a McMinnville Youth League girls ages 10-12 makeup game on Pete Holt Field.Namaste had first bat and scored 2 runs as Halle Lowe and Lily Rains crossed home plate. Aaron’s drove home three in the bottom of the inning with Ceilee Gudat, Abby Sullivan, and Lexi Lafever all scoring for the Heating and Air crew giving them a 1-run lead, 3-2.Namaste Spa was held for no runs in the second while Aaron’s Heat and Air responded with 4 runs as Gudat, Jerra Jones, Kenzie Hullet and Makayla Cagle scored for a 7-2 lead.Namaste made a 4-run rally in the third, but it wasn’t enough to cover the earlier deficit as Lowe, Maggie Whiles, Rains and Emma Muncey delivered the runs.Aaron’s Heat and Air went on to heat up its bats one last time in the third, garnering 5 runs as Sullivan, LaFever, Caitlyn Washer, Jerra Jones, Hullet and Cagle all scored.