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4-9-14 Delinquent Property Tax
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In its own behalf and for the use and benefit of and




vs.               Case No.








It appearing from the sworn Complaints filed in the Chancery Court for Warren County, Tennessee, that the whereabouts of the following Defendants are unknown, that service of process has been attempted by certified mail and/or by the Warren County SheriffÕs Department with a "Not to be Found" or no response.  It so appears that the Defendants are unknown.


IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that publication be made for four (4) consecutive weeks in the Southern Standard, a newspaper of general circulation in Warren County, Tennessee, requiring the said Defendants to serve upon Larry B. Stanley, Sr., Warren County Tax Attorney, whose address is P.O. Box 568, McMinnville, TN  37111, or B. Timothy Pirtle, City of McMinnville Attorney, whose address is P.O. Box 47, McMinnville, TN  37111, an Answer to the Complaint served upon said Defendants by this publication within thirty (30) days after the last publication of this notice.  If the Defendants fail to do so, a Judgment by Default will be taken, and the property will be sold for delinquent taxes as set forth in the Complaint.


In the event that the named individual owner be deceased, notice is given to any unknown heirs that the herein properties will be sold for taxes in due course.


ENTER this the 26th day of March, 2014.




Approved for Entry:


Larry B. Stanley, Sr.


County Attorney


B. Timothy Pirtle


City Attorney


Myra D. Mara


Clerk and Master


 Name                   Parcel I.D.             Last Known Mailing Address


Acosta Trisha Ann       01-068-C-F-014.00       118 West End Ave., McMinnville, TN  37110


Aldridge, Johnny K.           01-042Ñ014.14           992 Short Mountain Road, McMinnville, TN  37110


Anderson Denise         01-059-N-C-006.00       815 North Chancery St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Antiques and the Arts         01-068-E-H-006.00-P-002 212 E. Main St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Bain, Royce L.          12-013Ñ012.02           1555 Goff Mill Road, McMinnville, TN  37110


Bent Beedle             01-068-D-E-014.01-P-100 113 Walling Street, McMinnville, TN  37110


Boles Loid Kenneth            01-068-N-A-010.00       103 Morningside Drive, McMinnville, TN  37110


Bottoms Heat and Air          01-059-B-B-017.00-P-001 136 Davenport Lane, McMinnville, TN  37110


Bouldin David Randel          07-105Ñ055.01           1928 Northcutt Cove Road, McMinnville, TN  37110


Boyd Joe                01-069-P-A-003.00       224 Mt. Leo Heights St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Boyd Joe                01-069-P-A-036.00       224 Mt. Leo Heights St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Briley, William Michael 01-050-O-B-003.00       229 Union Hill Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Cash N Dash             01-058-P-C-002.00-P-007 513 C Sparkman Dr. NW, Huntsville, AL  35816


Cates Willie Mae        01-059-M-G-021.00       112 Walker St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Cellular Renewal Cricket      01-059-F-D-001.02-P-010 4336 Kenilwood Dr., Nashville, TN  37204


Charlies Auto Mart            01-050Ñ090.08-P-001     2279 Smithville Hwy., McMinnville, TN  37110


Cope Betty H                  01-069-O-D-026.00       205 Dawn Drive, McMinnville, TN  37110


Craven Welding & Fab    08-133Ñ051.00-P-100     1674 Chestnut Grove Rd., Morrison, TN  37357


Curtis, Joe             06-108Ñ015.32           189 Ford Drive, McMinnville, TN  37110


Curtis Rickey etux            12-010Ñ015.01           185 Gunter Road, McMinnville, TN  37110


DÕaquin, Fred J.        06-091Ñ001.12           5028 David Drive, Kenner, LA  70065


Davenport Jonathan            01-058-I-B-003.00       216 Mountain St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Davis Mary Bell         01-077-C-B-013.00       P.O. Box 209-C, Rock Island, TN  38581


Davis, Tim              02-052Ñ027.10           P.O. Box 32, Rock Island, TN  38581


Davis, Tim              03-036Ñ016.05           P.O. Box 32, Rock Island, TN  38581


Diamond Graphics        01-059-M-H-023.00-P-020 P.O. Box 850, McMinnville, TN  37110


Drake, Willard B.       14-033Ñ034.02           1235 Kermet Turner Rd., Rock Island, TN  38581


Drake, Willard                15-007Ñ039.01           1235 Kermet Turner Rd., Rock Island, TN  38581


Dwall Dry Wall Supply   01-058Ñ046.07-P-002     916 Red Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Enterprises Inc Bob Koehle    01-068-D-F-043.00-P-455 P.O. Box 1248, Lincolnton, NC  28093


Evans, Randy                  15-007Ñ025.00           692 Blue Springs Rd. Tr. #2, Smithville, TN  37166


Fergadiotis Emanuel           13-031Ñ034.04           11097 Murfreesboro Rd., Lebanon, TN  37090


Flowers & Ceramics            01-068-E-E-013.00-P-005 222 E. Main St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Foster Wendell E        01-059-M-E-007.01       413 E. Main St. #509, McMinnville, TN  37110


Gilliam, Wyman          08-133Ñ019.00           1066 Fults Cove Rd., Morrison, TN  37357


Goad, Ricky L.          13-026Ñ027.00           1071 Merry Oaks Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Heroes Headquarters           01-068-E-G-004.01-P-002 1031 Sparta St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Higgins Arthur R        09-078Ñ069.00           686 ABE Curtis Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Hillis Roofing Siding         01-059-D-A-015.00-P-001 314 Gregview St., Morrison, TN  37357


Hillis Roofing and Siding     09-078-J-A-011.01-P-002 473 Peach Ave., Morrison, TN  37357


Hill, William A.        01-067Ñ014.01           1166 Shelbyville Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Hobbs, Terry L.         01-077-J-B-077-O-017.00 166 Hammons Lane, McMinnville, TN  37110


Holland, Daniel         10-098Ñ042.01           295 Brown Rd., Morrison, TN  37357


Horizon Express, Inc.         01-000-950.23                 416 Shadowlawn St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Hunt, James R.          16-008Ñ007.04           686 Capshaw Rd., Smithville, TN  37166


Ibarra, Marcelo         10-099-D-A-003.00       2381 Shady Grove Rd., Morrison, TN  37357


Jennings Valerie        13-031Ñ021.10           530 John Oliver Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Johnson Dennis C        01-076Ñ014.00           1120 Sunset Point Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Keaton, Henry B.        11-043Ñ002.01           831 Unity Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Kester, Donald S.       15-017Ñ022.07           4533 Great Falls Rd., Rock Island, TN  38581     


Knife Worx              01-058Ñ087.01-P-101     2694 Nashville Hwy., McMinnville, TN  37110


La Guadalupana          01-059-F-D-007.00-P-260 231 Northgate Dr. #202, McMinnville, TN  37110


Lafever, Evelan         15-017Ñ006.03           728 Warren Co. Park Rd., Rock Island, TN  38581


Lance, Laura J.         05-088Ñ054.03           1242 Myers Cove Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Latka, Mark             01-068-C-E-018.00       29 Washington Ave., Kearny, NJ  07032


Latka, Mark             01-068-E-G-005.00       29 Washington Ave., Kearny, NJ  07032


Latka, Mark             01-068-E-G-005.01       29 Washington Ave., Kearny, NJ  07032


Latka, Mark             01-068-F-E-010.00       29 Washington Ave., Kearny, NJ  07032


Lawson Jeffrey A        11-065Ñ015.06           P.O. Box 1615, Monticello, KY  42633


Lawson Jeffrey          11-065Ñ002.03           P.O. Box 1615, Monticello, KY  42633


Linder Eric Lee         01-069-I-E-001.01       366 Kennedy St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Lundy Tax & Payroll           01-068-E-M-012.00-P-002 126 East Main St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Markland Robert         01-069-H-B-017.00       114 Etter Court, McMinnville, TN  37110


McMinn, Nathan          15-006Ñ003.03           9511 Francis Ferry Rd., Rock Island, TN  38581


Melton, Barry Craig           01-069-002.02                 175 Melton Lane, McMinnville, TN  37110


Melton, Craig                 01-069Ñ002.04           98 Monte Circle, McMinnville, TN  37110


Moser Productions       01-076-C-A-008.00Ñ008   337 Ridgecrest Dr., McMinnville, TN  37110


Myers Clemtine          01-068-N-B-020.00       112 Black St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Myers Floor Covering          01-059-N-C-050.00-P-003 404 West End Ave., McMinnville, TN  37110


OÕBoyle, Michael W.           13-043Ñ019.09           509 N. Westover Apt. 106, Albany, GA  31707


OÕBoyle, Michael W.           13-043Ñ019.10           509 N. Westover Apt. 106, Albany, GA  31707


Officer, Charles        01-077-058.00                 1701 Shellsford Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Officer, Irene B.       02-039Ñ042.00           577 Dogtown Rd., Rock Island, TN  38581


Pet Shop (the)                01-059-M-H-025.00-P-004 488 N. Chancery St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Pinegar, Percy Lee            16-015Ñ011.00           1232 Roy Roster Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Pinnacle National Bank  01-069-I-C-018.00-001   211 Commerce St., Nashville, TN  37201


Portillo Jose Pena            01-068-D-B-008.00       113 Warren St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Price Tonya             03-035Ñ097.22           341 Asbury Rd., Rock Island, TN  38581


Rains, David A.         01-059-B-B-010.02       149 Bratten St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Rains, David A.         01-059-B-B-011.00       149 Bratten St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Ramsey Deborah May            01-069-O-B-001.00       228 Twin Oaks Road, McMinnville, TN  37110


Rcr                     09-085Ñ033.00-P-001     231 Smartt Station Rd., Morrison, TN  37357


Reed Donna Frances            11-062-K-B-007.00       P.O. Box 151, Woodbury, TN  37190


Roberts, Gary D.        05-087Ñ033.02           257 Bonehead Lane, McMinnville, TN  37110


Rock Island Truck & Equip     03-035Ñ067.00-P-003     11287 Sparta Hwy., Rock Island, TN  38581


Rodriguez, Jose P.            01-048Ñ017.00           648 Bethany Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Rush Trucking Corporation     000-950.41              5416 Manchester Hwy., Morrison, TN  37357


Russell, Sandra K.            14-033-045.03                 57 Jessie Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Rutledge, Russell       01-069-H-C-041.01       1210 Hidden Valley Circle, McMinnville, TN  37110


Sanchez Victor          01-058-I-B-011.00       211 Rebel Hill Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Scott, Kathy                  01-050-O-C-012.00       248 Pike Hill Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Shop, The               01-059-N-E-021.00-P-002 301 Garfield St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Signatures              01-059-K-C-001.06-P-001 107 Lance St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Simons James                  09-078-J-A-018.00       289 Peach Ave., Morrison, TN  37357


Simons, James                 09-078-N-A-032.00       289 Peach Ave., Morrison, TN  37357


Simons, James           09-078-J-A-017.01       289 Peach Ave., Morrison, TN  37357


Simons, Kevin                 09-078-O-C-078-N-008.00 142 Mountain View Dr., Morrison, TN  37357


Smartt Paul             05-088Ñ023.06           P.O. Box 7127, McMinnville, TN  37111


 Super Clean Services          01-059-G-H-005.00-P-001 227 Vinewood Rd., Apt. B-1, McMinnville, TN  37110


TaylorÕs Hair Studio          01-069-P-C-001.01-P-007 732 Beersheba Hwy., McMinnville, TN  37110


Templeton, Henry D.           03-020Ñ006.02           192 Oakhill Dr., Madisonville, KY  42431


Terry, Bruce                  08-134Ñ004.00           P.O. Box 37, Viola, TN  37394


Torres, Paula                 01-060Ñ141.01           1100 Smithville Hwy., Ste. 107, McMinnville, TN  37110


Vega, Ricardo A.        02-052Ñ035.06           140 Whiteaker St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Walts, Charles                01-076Ñ069.02           P.O. Box 333, McMinnville, TN  37111


Watson, Dell C.         01-069Ñ095.01           221 High St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Watson Dellan C         01-068-F-H-002.00       209 Sunset Point Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Watson Dellan C         01-068-F-H-001.02       209 Sunset Point Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


West Coast Remodeling   01-068-G-L-004.00-P-002 303 Ben Lomand Dr., McMinnville, TN  37110


West Shelton                  13-031Ñ040.00           431 John Oliver Rd., McMinnville, TN  37110


Wiley Shauna Locke            01-069-055.01                 6220 Shallowford Rd., Apt. 161, Chattanooga, TN  37421


Willitbe                01-068-E-N-012.00-P-005 129 Fair St., McMinnville, TN  37110


Wilson Elaina V         01-050-O-B-013.00       P.O. Box 3968, Clarksville, TN  37043


Wilson Elaina V         01-050-O-B-013.01       P.O. Box 3968, Clarksville, TN  37043


NOTICE:  These taxes are to be paid in the Clerk and MasterÕs Office located in the Warren County Courthouse, 111 South Court Square, Suite 105, McMinnville, TN  37110, or mailed to Clerk and Master, P.O. Box 639, McMinnville, TN  37111-0639.  For more information or to check amounts due, call 931-473-2364.  If you are in bankruptcy, contact your attorney or send notice to the above address.


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