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Athletes display heart
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Although not a neophyte to the newsroom – a minion yes -- I won’t bore you with observations of sports I’ve just begun to cover.And, since the NFL games started about the same time I did as the Southern Standard sports writer, I don’t want to make you digest a diatribe on that front either.That said, I did find the games I’ve covered for work so far fun and exciting. The Eastside basketball tournament, the Keith Maxwell Invitational Golf Tournament, the undefeated WCMS football team, and WCMS volleyball and soccer games were all a lot of fun.I am not used to using the words fun and work in the same sentenceDuring NFL season, I play fantasy football so it’s fun to watch the games and see how my players do. So I wondered why I enjoyed going to local games, even if I don’t have a player on the field.I’ve also always wondered why my father likes watching high school baseball or basketball he doesn’t have any association with on TV.I may sometimes be slow on the uptake but finally I put the two together.Even though my children are all adults now, and my grandson Riley plays for Blackman in Murfreesboro, I’ve enjoyed the games because the players do.

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