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Warner's World 7-23
Big week coming
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What a week we have upcoming.
First, it’s that time of year again … WCHS Pioneer football kicks off the new season with a scrimmage Friday at Nunley Stadium. Before that, Titans QB Marcus Mariota will pay us a visit Tuesday at the high school where everyone is invited.
Pretty soon we’ll be in the middle of another full-blown football season, and that’s OK with me. Time really does seem to fly. Summer hasn’t shown any hint of giving up the ghost, even with the baseball fields becoming less crowded as the seasons grind to a close with tournaments. Many have already completed.
Like football season has come back, summer will turn to winter just as quickly. It seems like the transition times between winter and summer – mainly spring and fall – have deserted us in the last few years, if not longer. We go from 60 degrees to 102 in two weeks and vice versa.
Sometimes I miss the ebb and flow of the seasons changing. Maybe it will snow this year. We haven’t really had any for a couple of years now, but I digress.
 Along with this week’s football mile markers, it’s time to start looking at the NFL again, more so if you play any fantasy football. I have more fun during football season if I play in the league from the office. The phrase “I don’t have a horse in this race” or “I don’t have a dog in the hunt” are synonymous and describe how fantasy football keeps me more engrossed in what’s happening on the gridiron.
From a sports writing perspective, it’s a good thing to have another draw to the game. I always find I learn more with the proper motivation. For example, I had two years of high school Spanish and again in college but I speak better German. The main reason for that, I never had to go out and spend time using the language in everyday life. Having spent five years in the military in Germany, I had a practical use for learning another language and, years later, I have retained more than I did with a formal education in Spanish.
I can remember how to ask your name, count to 10, and find the bathroom in Spanish but that’s about it. I guess I retained at least one important tidbit.
It’s a common concept, the West was filled with a very pragmatic attitude. Whether it’s sports facts or learning a new language, I’m with Albert Einstein who once said “Never memorize something you can look up” with another favorite being, “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”
As a sports writer, I agonize over every bit of information I put into a story. Do I ever get things wrong? You bet. Show me someone who hasn’t ever made a mistake, and I’ll show you someone who has never tried.
I guess that’s why I enjoy writing … it keeps me in the game.