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Tourney time is upon us
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It has been an excellent season for Warren County sports going into tournaments and from what I have been told there are going to be several tournaments where Warren County serves as host.
There is a JV tournament for baseball being held this weekend which actually started Thursday evening and continues through Friday and Saturday at Pioneer Park. The brackets are in today’s paper and online.
The WCMS softball tournament will be at the high school. There are games tonight that will determine seeding. The Lady Pioneers are in a definite position to repeat their tournament championship again this year, and what better than to have it happen here in Warren County.
It has been a pleasure covering the WCMS Lady Pioneers. Coach Marc Pyburn and his team have done an outstanding job of winning games. From a personal standpoint, I’ve always gotten information in a timely manner about games, comments about games held, and game books sent in, which makes the job of keeping the fans enlightened an easy one.
The same can be said of WCMS baseball, as coach Chad Young and Travis Wilson have made watching the team play both enjoyable and successful as they’ve gone largely unbeaten this season, only dropping one district game and winning a top-seed bye for the tournament. Special thanks to coach Wilson for his added comments and insights on games as often, when I do get the pleasure, there is more than one game being played on any given night and taking pictures uses a lot of my time resources available.
WCMS soccer coach Matt Jackson is another coach whose team can and probably will be champions this year. After soccer games, coach Jackson made sure to be available for questions and information both when I could be and couldn’t be in attendance, making for the best coverage possible for fans and getting his players recognized for all their hard work.
The WCHS softball tournament will be played here. The Lady Pioneers are currently unbeaten in the district.
The Pioneer baseball team has a winning record in the district and probably will seed high based on what I’ve been able to tell. Thanks go out to coach Gooby Martin who has been top-notch at handling requests for press releases and other information ... also for his untiring support to the ballclub.
I only had to search as far as Keith Rogers for information on the Pioneers as he thoughtfully shared his statistic tracking information with me this season. It’s an invaluable tool for a sports reporter as baseball is a game of statistics. Coach Adam Childs has been great about providing insights and quotes during the year as well … thanks coach for all you do for the fans.