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Recent weather is fishy
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Wow, this week’s weather has been a smorgasbord of sports spectacular combined with sports nightmare. First we go from 80, or there about, to 30-something Friday evening at soccer.
One day it's perfect baseball weather, the next monsoon season.
I was excited to see the pictures the Warren County High School fishing team sent me about the tournament last weekend. That was great where the Vandagriff brothers took the top spot and won a $1,000 scholarship and trophies.
Growing up, I never did think of fishing as a sport, just that I liked to do it. My friend from high school, Harry Oleksiak and I would go down to the state marina to fish for bass. The best spot was the basin and around the docks where the boats were moored.
It was a nice, little marina just off the Delaware River and there were never many people there and no one ever minded that we fished there. There were two rock jetties that ran out from the state park marina into the river, I guess to keep wakes down from the big river barges and such that went up and down all the time.
Most of the time we bass fished with Mepps spinners or jigs, sometimes the old-fashioned way with night crawlers and bobbers. Other times we fished for catfish on the bottom with corn meal or other bready bait, sometimes worms.
I used to hate catching the occasional eel. You would think you had a big fish and get all excited to find that snake-like thing at the end of your line. They would have swallowed the hook, so you just had to cut it off and put on a new hook.
I have to say I really like the hoodies and jerseys the fishing club wears, with sponsors and everything. The gear in the 1970s wasn’t quite as sophisticated as we have now but it hasn’t changed that much. We used fiberglass rods and now they have graphite and the like. I found later on I enjoyed fishing with ultralight gear. It was light weight so no matter how big or small the fish was it was exciting to reel them in. I don’t know if they still have it, but the best line was Stren. I used the open-face spinning reel mainly but have occasionally used the old push-button closed reel type.
It was definitely a healthy hobby as we always rode our bikes to wherever it was we would fish. Fishing has stayed with me over the years, as when I was in the Army in Germany I joined the Rod and Gun Club and we would go trout fishing. There’s nothing that tastes as good as a trout you catch, clean and cook all outdoors. We would build a fire and wrap the fish up in tin foil with butter and salt, then put them in the coals … yum.
With this weather, I am thinking of picking up a fishing rod, getting my license and taking some time to go fishing.
Next week when the weather warms back up.