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Back in the swing
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Here we are again, back from the Christmas break to work and to play organized sports during the week. Breaks are essential for health and mental stability … to refresh and recharge those battery packs in our bodies.
I usually have a conundrum during this long break every year. There are not many games being played, so I don’t have to choose between Irving College and West on Tuesday. Then again, we still have the sports section that cries out … feed me, feed me.
I actually had an entire Wednesday off during the break, talk about luxury, I was in heaven. But paper day comes around and there’s no substitutions allowed (pictures of cute kittens, a book review, etc.). It has to be sports related or related to sports whichever way you want to think about it.
Now we don’t put out a paper on Friday before New Year’s so there’s that. I’m always looking for feature story ideas – from safe sportswear to human interest stories like Lester Strode. Thing is the humans who might be interested are often in Ohio with relatives during the break so …
Luckily, there have been at least four basketball tournaments that I’m aware of during this time. I drove to Sparta, Tullahoma, and more to take some pictures and copy the info so I can do my job. The Pioneer boys basketball team had an excellent showing in its tournament.
I don’t know about the Lady Pioneers as they went to Alabama – a little too far to drive for a ballgame.
The Jaycees played so at least I took some pictures and got a story or two along with their box scores. Photo IDs are tough with Jaycees as there are some 50-75 teams a season so I most likely won’t remember them all by sight. I will take some pictures, then find a good one and see what number the kids are in the picture and make a note of it. Then I can go through the books and find out who it is. That’s assuming I get that information. Sometimes instead of Robert Kelly I get a R. Kelly, or just Kelly, like I know who that is.
The names are all hand written so then I have to decipher it such as is that an “a” or a “u.” I have terrible handwriting but as far as I know I am the only one who reads it, much like my column.
So now that everyone has had a break, we’re all back at 100 percent and I have basketball games to go to all week, except Wednesday night. All’s right with the world, as they say in my favorite Christmas move “A Christmas Story.” Don’t shoot your eye out!