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Last week I had a little expansion in the sports department and I think it’s going to work out well, at least that’s my hope anyway. We have started to develop our text messaging service for sports, but wait, that’s not all as there is now a new Standard Facebook page devoted to Warren County Sports alone.
Sound confusing? At first blush it might, but really it’s just keeping up with today’s technology in order to provide value-added services to your Southern Standard subscription. We’ve even begun a contest which should run all during the basketball season (see the story on this page) and take it from there for other sports. I’m especially looking forward to football season. I can think up a lot of fun contests for football.
First, let’s look at the text messaging or SMS service. I know most people who have a smartphone make use of at least some of the technology-related services which make it “smart” for a reason. I’ve delved into OK Google every time I need directions, or for filling out my mileage sheet after the fact and forgetting to write down how far I’ve driven. A quick OK Google, how do I get to Hardin Valley High School reveals both the route and total amount of miles.
I use my phone for texting my better half all the time and once in a while the kids will text me when they need money. I said the phone was smart, not me. Anyway, I definitely like the weather apps and radar so I can see the storm that’s about to blow my house down. If you are at all obsessive-compulsive like me, you’re checking that radar until the coast is clear.
Smartphones also let you know via the messaging service when there is news on a product, company, event, or person who you “follow.” In our case here at the Standard, we have several but only one lies in my bailiwick which is Standard Sports. If you text “sports” to 77000, every high school and football game I attend is updated to the sports report to your phone. The same goes for the county and any special events like when the basketball games were canceled by snow it was a great way to let the followers on there know. It’s still in its infancy, so there’s room yet for you to sign up.
I definitely won’t barrage you 10 times a day with sports trivia or other non-immediate items the Facebook page is good for. One can complement the other in this case so sign up for both. Finally, we’ve got Twitter which is a hybrid between breaking news and up-to-date information you can read on your leisure. You can follow Standard Sports here @sstandardsports and be involved in discussions about local sports with like-minded folks who enjoy the experience. I’m putting all of it together in hopes we can enhance our coverage with real-time and engaging activity just for you … the Warren County sports fan.