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War request deserves debate
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President Barack Obama’s request for Congress to authorize military action against ISIS is getting more skepticism than support from both parties on Capitol Hill.Much of this skepticism centers on language in the president’s proposal forbidding the use of “enduring offensive ground combat operations” against ISIS. Some Democrats view it as too loose to limit the president from committing U.S. ground combat troops to the war on ISIS. Key Republicans view it as too restrictive.President Obama called his request “a sincere effort” to consult with both Republicans and Democrats. “I’m optimistic that it can win strong bipartisan support and that we can show our troops and the world that Americans are united in this mission,” Obama added.House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is not so sanguine. Instead, he’s expressed concern the bill doesn’t “give our military commanders the flexibility and authorities they need to succeed and protect our people.”