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The Scoop 7-8
Years change, but stories don't
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I was gazing through a stack of old newspapers from four years ago earlier this week. That's when I realized how the calendar may change, but the stories seem to stay the same with remarkable consistency.The newspapers I stumbled upon were from July 2012. The front-page headlines from those papers could easily be the headlines in today's edition and no one would give it a second thought.Four years ago, the Joe Harvey Band was playing Main Street Live, the county was threatening to slash funding to the Industrial Development Board, and two deputies were almost hit by a man running from the law.Four years later, Joe Harvey is still playing Main Street Live, the IDB is still fighting for funding, and a fugitive tries to run from officers seemingly every day of the year.Here's a sampling of other headlines from July 2012 that drip with familiarity:"Animal Control issues emerge again" Warren County seems locked in a never-ending dance when it comes to problems at Animal Control.On this occasion four years ago, marijuana was found growing on the Animal Control property, the facility was operating on a limited basis, and new animals were not being accepted.Said John Pelham, county executive at the time, "We are on hold right now until we can get things working again."Because the county facility was not accepting dogs, Linda Coursey of Viola Valley Dogs picked up the slack and accepted 16 dogs living in poor conditions without proper food and water."Selling Blue Building inches closer to reality" In the story that will never end, the city appeared poised to sell the Blue Building after its Building and Grounds Committee voted 2-1 to do so.Rick Barnes, an alderman at the time, didn't like the idea and was the one to vote against it.