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Our entertainment options are tickling
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If you're incredibly pleased with a turn of events, it's common to say, "I'm tickled to death."
It's an interesting phrase which stems from the ancient Chinese practice of tickling a person as a form of torture. One example of tickle torture was dipping a person's feet in a salt solution then having a goat lick off the solution. What would initially create laughter would gradually become extreme pain.
There's also documentation the Nazis used tickle torture in a concentration camp during World War II where a naked prisoner was chained and his feet, armpits, and other areas were tickled with a feather.
People, on occasion, have asked me how I'd choose to die if somehow given the option and I've always shunned the popular wish to die peacefully in my sleep. I've always maintained I'd like to be tickled to death.
All that being said, I'm tickled to death with the explosion of entertainment options this weekend in Middle Tennessee. If you're sitting at home with nothing to do, it's by choice.
We here at the Standard always get a kick from covering Bonnaroo, a four-day festival which began on Thursday and continues thru Sunday. Travelers from around America converge on Manchester for this unique gathering which combines music, camping and grilled cheese sandwiches made on a Coleman stove.
If you've never been to Bonnaroo, at the very least buy a one-day pass and give it a try. It's an experience you will remember.
Meanwhile, the CMA Music Festival in Nashville is also this weekend. It features the biggest names in country music like Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley and the ageless Kenny Rogers.
Country music fans will be fighting hockey fans for room to breathe in downtown Nashville on Sunday when Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals takes place at Bridgestone Arena.
If you don't have tickets for the Preds game, it's probably best you watch from the comfort of your sofa as the cheapest seat on StubHub was selling for $1,550.
In case you're wondering, StubHub has front-row tickets listed for $13,999 each. If that's too pricey, there are many tickets available in the $7,000 range for bargain shoppers.
Perhaps flying under the radar among all this commotion is the eight-day Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga which begins Friday night.
The best deal of all is our very own Main Street Live, which kicks off another season Friday night on the West Lawn of Security Federal. In this day when an $80 concert ticket will end up costing $110 by the time fees and service charges are tacked on, Main Street Live remains free, family entertainment.
So get out of the house and enjoy some excitement this weekend. There's so much entertainment on the schedule, it will leave you tickled to death.
Standard editor James Clark can be reached at 473-2191.