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The Scoop 12-16
Santas find hot seat at the mall
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For anyone who may have missed the story, a mall Santa in North Carolina has come under heavy fire for reportedly telling a plump, 9-year-old boy he needs to lay off the hamburgers and fries.
It may seem odd for a fat guy who gorges on milk and cookies at all hours of the night to be giving dietary tips, but this Santa just did. It could be the best Christmas gift Santa could ever give if his advice encouraged the lad to shed some weight and avoid a life of obesity. But these words of wisdom were instead met with a giant complaint from the boy and his mother.
The boy told a TV station he was crying until he went to bed that night and also ripped up the picture he'd taken with Santa.
The boy's mother claimed the incident "destroyed" her son. Unfortunately, I bet it didn't do much to suppress his appetite. If Santa was really insightful, he would have told the kid his impending heart attack and life on high blood pressure medication is the reason I'm paying so much for my health insurance. That would have been refreshing honesty.
In the name of Christmas, I feel compelled to stand up for this mall Santa since no one else appears poised to "sleigh" all his critics.
The way I always understood the famous story, Santa is one judgmental elf. He sits there in the North Pole determining who has been naughty or nice and who deserves to get a gift for Christmas.
Santa doesn't just think about this in his head. He makes a list, then checks it twice. He is judging us, every one.
Knowing this, none of us has the right to jump on Santa because of an honest assessment about weight. The kid should have said thank you and taken the time to better evaluate his food choices.
That's just one of the mean Santa stories circulating this Christmas season. Officials at a mall in Sanford, Fla., are considering their options after a Santa there reportedly told a 10-year-old girl Hillary Clinton is on his naughty list.
A fair and balanced assessment would most likely put Hillary on the naughty list, but this family wasn't about to listen to such a statement. Like the mama in North Carolina, this mother was similarly mad at Santa and is apparently a Hillary supporter.
According to reports, the mother complained to mall management, tried to get Santa fired, and claimed the unsolicited political comment had nothing to do with a child who believes in Santa.
I guess if you're going to believe in imaginary things, you might as well believe Hillary has been a good girl this year.
If we're going to enjoy Christmas cheer, perhaps we shouldn't get so offended when a pudgy kid is told to step away from the fries and when an unlikeable political figure lands on the naughty list.
Santa hasn't taken a terrible turn. He's decided to deliver truth to little boys and girls this season.
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