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No jackpot, but no hitman either
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This was supposed to be my farewell column in the Southern Standard as I cruised into the sunset of lottery riches behind the wheel of my new Ford Mustang.I'd already decided on the location of my summer home, and I was trying to determine the best spot for the indoor pool/go-cart track/Mexican restaurant I'd build in McMinnville.I'd even been wondering about the best way to make a large donation to my church and whether the church would accept my "dirty" lottery money. And if the church wouldn't take my donation, would I still be able to put money in the weekly collection plate because wouldn't that be "dirty" money too?Would I be denied access to the Kingdom of Heaven because I tried to give the church lottery money? Is my soul already doomed because I played in the first place?These questions are entirely too weighty and show I'm probably better off to remain a complete failure in my quest to win the lottery.