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Some meetings induce yawns
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If a yawn becomes offensive and a reason to demand an apology, I’m in trouble.
I’ve covered local government meetings for 13 years. There’s no way to determine exactly how many I’ve covered. I can tell you this: I’ve yawned more than a few times.
The meetings aren’t all fireworks and excitement. They vary. While a few meetings will surely keep you awake, most meetings will bore you to tears. Along with fighting boredom, I’ve occasionally been tired. Meetings are in the evenings. Sometimes I’m in them for 30 minutes to several hours – what I go through to bring you the latest in government happenings.
Alcohol kept me awake. Not consuming it, but when McMinnville officials started discussing allowing beer at events, parks, etc. That was a topic that received people’s full attention and created some interesting meetings.
The hiring of Hank Patton was also an eye-opener. He applied for urban forester. However, he lacked at least one requirement in the job description. Committee members argued back and forth. Former alderman Billy Wood tried to force the issue in front of the full board. Former mayor Royce Davenport stopped it. When Wood argued, Royce threatened to have him removed from the room. I can still remember Billy telling him to try.
What went on for weeks ended peacefully, when officials changed the job requirements, renamed it landscape manager and hired Hank. It was a good decision, as far as I’m concerned.
There for a couple of years, McMinnville's Board of Mayor and Aldermen offered fireworks almost every meeting for various reasons. That was due primarily to one alderman, who shall remain unnamed by me. Anyone there at the time knows exactly who it was. The board settled back down when that person left.
There have been some interesting upsets in county government as well but I’ve had a much longer time covering city meetings. I’ve had 13 years with the city and only the last 2-3 years covering both city and county.
As I’ve said, most meetings will bore you to tears. When I first started at the Standard in 2004, Davenport was mayor. He was always so awake and alert during the meetings. I asked him once how he accomplished it. He said he pulled the hair on his legs through is pant leg during the meeting. I’ve remembered that ever since. He left office in 2008. He passed away in 2014. Very sad. He was a good mayor.
Back to yawning. When I do feel one coming on, I always try to be discreet. If I can’t stop it from happening, I’ll hide it behind my hand or my notepad. Regardless of why I’m yawning, politeness is a must. It’s rude to openly yawn in the midst of people holding a meeting, even if it’s ridiculously boring.
I’m not weighing in on the Motlow student-teacher situation. I wasn’t there. However, it’s now the yawn that everyone heard.
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