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Simmons Says Pioneers won't go 0-11
- Jeff Simmons
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Pessimism and football go hand-in-hand in Warren County. With high school football starting next week, it’s no shock there are already whispers about the Pioneers potentially being the first team in state history to go 0-11. Here’s 11 reasons why that shouldn’t happen.
No. 1: DeKalb Co. - The Pioneers beat them last year on the road. They get them at home this year. The Tigers are good and have won at Nunley Stadium before, but there’s no reason to predict a loss in the season opener to a school half the size of Warren County.
No. 2: Lebanon - Here’s a trivia question: Which team had a winless season last, Warren County or Lebanon? Here’s the answer – Lebanon, last year! The misconception that the Pioneers went to a district where they can’t win any game is absolute nonsense. Lebanon and Warren County faced one common opponent last year, Cookeville. The Blue Devils lost to the Cavaliers 69-6. Wait, you want to know what the score of the Pioneer-Cavalier game? Let’s just move on.
No. 3: Tom Moore - The Pioneers weren’t forced to hire the only guy who would take the job. They hired Moore, who came within a point of winning a state title at Brentwood Academy in 2000 and 2001. He’s no slouch, sporting a 24-11 record while at BA.
No. 4: the Senior class - Since 1991, only three senior classes have left Warren County and could say they never suffered through a winless year. Those were three consecutive classes from 2008-10 - the Cody Robinson era. This senior class can be the fourth, and that’s why they’re reason No. 4.
No. 5: Sequatchie Co. - Again, why all the doom and gloom about this schedule? The Indians were 3-7 last year, one win worse than the Pioneers.
No. 6: Coffee Co. - OK, all-everything QB Alontae Taylor is still there, but is Warren County going to lose to a one-man team two years in a row? Surely not.
No. 7: Nunley Stadium - Fan support is never a problem locally and perhaps the home crowd can push the Pioneers past an opponent, maybe as soon as next Friday.
No. 8: Bruce Duke - Here’s another piece of trivia. In five years covering the Pioneers, Warren County went 8-39 with me on the sideline. I only missed three games and WCHS went 3-0 in those contests, including Duke’s debut last year.
No. 9: Scoreboard - I sincerely think the old one may have cost the Pioneers against Stone Memorial last year. It's been replaced.
No. 10: Isaiah Grayson - Something about this sophomore quarterback screams “special.” He was a varsity starter in basketball last year and looks like a three-year starter at signal caller for the Pioneers.
No. 11: DeKalb County - Seriously, the Pioneers can stop this winless talk on opening night Friday, Aug. 21.