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Simmons Says - In need of three wishes
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Everyone knows at this point if you meet a genie promising to grant wishes, your first wish should be for infinite wishes. But what good genie would allow that? It's not realistic.

"Aladdin" proved you are only going to be granted three wishes and you better not mess it up.
I already know mine (spoiler alert: they all involve sports).

Wish NO. 1 - I've found myself daydreaming all week about the same thing. It's the fourth quarter of the AFC championship game. The Jaguars have improbably kept it close, trailing 24-20 with just a minute to go. Blake Bortles has the ball in his hand and the Jags in Patriot territory.

With time winding down and the defense breathing down his neck, Bortles escapes the rush and runs for his life. The Jags QB is just fast enough to outrun the Patriots defense, and he crosses the goal line just as time expires.

So for my first wish, I ask the genie to make sure the referees don't throw a phantom holding flag when Bortles wins it in Foxsborough Sunday.

Wish NO. 2 - If you heard an audible groan midday on Wednesday in Westwood, it was me. And by audible groan, I mean the guy in his backyard screaming "WHY?!" at the top of his lungs.

I didn't handle the news Spurs SF Kawhi Leonard would again be out for an extended period. Leonard, who has finished in the top three of the MVP voting the last two years, has played nine games this season. This is unacceptable.

For wish No. 2, I want the genie to remove Kawhi's faulty right quadricips tendon and replace it with a better one. I want my MVP back and at full strength in time to topple the Warriors in the playoffs.

Wish NO. 3 - I want to be selfless for my last wish. If the Jags are in the Super Bowl and Kawhi is back, I really don't need much else to make me happy.

So for my final wish, I'd ask the genie to add five super athletes to every WCHS roster for the rest of the year. Give our Pioneers and Lady Pioneers to chance to compete in every sport, and see if some district championships come back locally.

Maybe it's not realistic to think five athletes would change the fate of every local program, but come on, what about this seems realistic?

Everybody already knows the Jags are going to beat the Patriots, with or without genie assistance.