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Simmons Says - Election reflection
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Don’t adjust your glasses or make a rushed trip to the optometrist. You’re still safe and sound in A section. It’s just been invaded by the sports guy. I might as well come in hot and write about one of the two things my mom told me never to discuss in public – politics.

I didn’t ask to come over to A section just to boast about my perfect election night numbers though (even if I did have Morton by seven votes 20 minutes before the official announcement). I wanted to give my thoughts on what the recent local elections told me about the feelings of our community (of which I’m both a city and county voter). 

Campaign Chaos

Far be it from me to complain about the utter madness that occurred over the last two months during the alderman campaign. The attention big billboards, social media spats and generally ruthless behavior brought should only serve to make the reporting on the race even more coveted. And it did; we had over 2,000 viewers stop in for our live coverage Tuesday. 

Is that what we’ve come to though – just rooting for chaos? Honestly, it feels like it as I follow more elections as I age. But, sometimes we should ask is it too much? I think we’ll see soon enough.

I don’t think sitting fireside and singing Kumbaya is all that is needed to soothe the hard feelings stewing after a sitting board member actively supported the ousting of aldermen up for reelection. There will be tension moving forward, even if everybody is saying the right things right now.

For me, I guess I’m just glad it’s all out in the open. I’d rather know who doesn’t like me than get a grin to my face and a knife in my back. I don’t think there’s any question now about where our current Board of Mayor and Aldermen stand in relation to one another (or politically).

Red Tsunami

The Warren County Commission continued to ride the red wave Tuesday with the election of Charles Dotson in District 2. While it didn’t gain local Republicans an extra seat in the County Commission (he took over the seat Scottie Keel decided not to accept back in September), it still kept the count for the red team at 11. 

It’s impossible not to acknowledge that his backing by the Republican party was the big reason for his win. He wasn’t even in the race back in August, while Sommer Walker and Dana Hillis Mullican have been making their rounds in the district since the spring. They actually garnered less votes in their re-runs this week.

Candidates always needed

We were able to call the Morrison races immediately Tuesday because there were no challengers for the mayor or aldermen spots. I’m always happier to be given a choice at the ballot, so I’m hopeful people will continue to run.

I salute everybody for putting their name out there and giving people in Warren County a choice in most races the last three months. Now let’s see where those choices lead us.  

Standard Sports Editor Jeffery Simmons can be reached at (931) 473-2191.