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Simmons Says - Change college football

It’s already time to revamp the College Football Playoff system.

I don’t care if it’s only in its infancy, there is still a better way to determine a champion than trying to compare resumes of multiple teams to determine a final four. The playoff system is already in place, it just needs to be expanded.

Not even to eight or 16 either. Let’s go full-on crazy and let 64 teams decide the champion on the field from August to January. 

Before I go on I must admit, this was not my plan. It was my brother Brett’s plan, and I think it’s pretty genius.

The premise is just an oversized version of what is being done now, only with more organization. You split the country into four regions, with 16 teams joining each region in two eight-team divisions. At the same time, there would be four more 16-team regions (again split into two eight-team divisions) in the same areas full of teams left on the outside of the top level. 

Think of it like the English Premier League, where soccer teams have to play their way to the top level, or get regulated to lower levels (we’ll get back to that in a second).

In those four top-level regions are the 64 powerhouse programs that can compete for the national title that season. How they get there is simple: Win your division, win your region and then compete in a four-team playoff.

You’re probably thinking this is similar to what is happening now. And it is, but this makes sure everybody (especially Notre Dame) is in a conference championship game. And winning your conference is the only way to make it to the national title.

That’s because the only records that would matter are the seven division games you play to determine who plays for the region championship.  Want to play five cupcake games outside your division for more wins? Fine. Would you rather schedule five huge games that you may lose outside of your division? That’s OK too. 

Strength of schedule and comparing resumes would be out the window. Your mission would be to beat seven teams in the season, win your region and then go on to the four-team playoff.

While a champion is being crowned, the bowl season would be a battle for staying power. Because the best teams in the lower level get to challenge for spots at the top level. Who wouldn’t want to watch a team like Memphis or MTSU call out Tennessee in December for a chance to take their dance card? 

It will never, ever happen, but at least we can dream of better ways.