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The Scoop - For Haley or against him
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Warren County government is tasked with many things of local import.

Setting the tax rate is one and I'm sure I'm not the only person to notice how my county tax bill was higher this year. 

County government also has to support things that really matter, like our school system. If we're having a medical emergency, I think most of would also want the best possible response from our ambulance service.

When it comes to safety and protecting our community, it's crucial to fund and support our Sheriff's Department. We can't have criminals running wild.

These are just a couple things that quickly come to mind when thinking about county government and its responsibilities. The list could continue.

However, there's one thing I would consider minimally important to the function of county government. That's appointing members to the Industrial Development Board.

I say this not to disparage our fine men and women on the 10-member Industrial Development Board. The board plays a role in keeping our local economy in fine tune as it has recruited some major companies over the years from the likes of Bridgestone to Miniature Precision Components.

In all my years of covering the IDB, dating back to directors no one probably remembers like Jim Gray, Don Rigsby and Jeff McCormick, I've never seen anyone care too much about who is appointed to serve on the IDB.

That is until now.

In what's emerging as the fight of the century, our Warren County Commission can't decide on who to appoint to one IDB seat currently occupied by Jeff Golden.

The battle lines have clearly been drawn. Half of the Warren County Commission supports Carrie Huckeby, the candidate recommended by County Executive Jimmy Haley.

The other half of the commission is determined to go against Haley and has worked to keep Golden in the seat he has held for some 30 years.

The voting for IDB candidates mirrors the voting for the recent tax increase. The commissioners who support Haley voted for the tax increase and they're voting for his IDB candidate.

The commissioners against Haley did not vote for the tax increase and they're voting against his IDB recommendation.

What we have here is a Warren County Commission that's firmly divided nearly straight down the middle. 

It appears to me, from my outside view, we have a group of 24 commissioners who aren't necessarily concerned with the betterment of Warren County. They are either going to support Haley or they're not, no matter the proposal. I don't see how this is in the best interest of our residents.

Standard editor James Clark can be reached at 473-2191.