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The Scoop - Government bad, until you need it
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For those who missed it, Gov. Bill Lee paid a visit to one of the most beautiful areas of Warren County two weeks ago when he made a trip to Rock Island State Park.

There were plenty of wide smiles and big handshakes and the regular rhetoric we come to expect anytime an elected official is asked to speak. Gov. Lee did not disappoint.

“People are the answer to our greatest challenges," said Lee emphatically. "It’s not the government.”

That statement brought the biggest round of applause of the day as it's cool not to like government, even when you're the head of a very big state government.

It's interesting to note that Gov. Lee's visit was so he could tour the old mill at Rock Island State Park. There are efforts, which I hope become fruitful, to restore the old mill into a banquet hall or welcome center. An exact purpose for the building has not been determined.

The issue is the price tag, which is estimated to be $2 million to $6 million. 

Gov. Lee was invited to tour the old mill and give his "support," which is a nice way of saying to give state money.

So Gov. Lee comes to town to tell us government is not the answer at the same time we're asking government to be the answer. It's an interesting predicament.

Government should stay out of our lives!

Unless we need money.

Or healthcare.

Or police protection.

Or smooth roads.

Not liking the government is a familiar refrain, especially from politicians who are employed by the government. Every year we hear about how we need to have less government interference in our lives.

Then lawmakers go to Nashville and propose around 3,000 new laws each year. That would translate to eight new laws each and every day of the year if they were all passed.

But thankfully they are not because we need less government intrusion in our lives.

This anti-government stance also comes to mind with the current mindset so many folks have about not getting vaccinated. The government is not going to tell them what to do. This is America!

Yet there are times -- many times -- when the government tells us exactly what to do. And it should.

We can't drive 55 mph through a school zone when children are present because that would be very poor judgment and put the lives of innocent children at risk. The government tells us we can only drive 15 mph in a school zone in the interest of public safety and no one says a word.

So why not get vaccinated in the interest of public safety? 

Sure there's that one lady in Wyoming who took the COVID vaccine and died. But for 99.99% of the other 159 million Americans who have taken the vaccine, they have been just fine.

The COVID delta variant is gaining steam and no one who is getting vaccinated is having to be hospitalized. That's pretty convincing information.

Instead of complaining that we don't need government, when all of us really do need government, it would seem more logical to admit government plays an important role in our lives.

Instead of campaigning against the very government they are in charge of running, our state officials could actually show leadership by acknowledging our government needs to enact basic public health measures in the face of a still-active pandemic.