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Re Porter - Trying to pick a career is tough
bethany porter

When I was a lot younger, my sister and I would spend hours in my grandparents’ little office building using their typewriter and making our own newspaper. We would write about things that were actually happening. 

For instance our mom was wanting to turn our playroom into a different room and we wrote about how our mean mom is trying to demolish the playroom and that the stuffed animals were speaking out.

Initially, I had never really given newspapers a second thought. I would occasionally be in them for sports or other school-related events, but I never thought about being a journalist or even knew that was something people could do. When I was in elementary and middle school and got asked what I wanted to do when I grew up I would always say teacher. I wasn’t super passionate about teaching or anything, it just seemed like the answer to go with. Plus I thought they got the whole summer off. 

I took education-related classes in high school and quickly learned that is not what I wanted to do. I took a class that allowed me to teach the preschoolers who went to the high school and one day I made the mistake of wearing a shirt with multiple Marvel characters on it. Well, one kid sneezed directly into his hands and had snot everywhere and then he spotted my shirt. He tried to point at and touch the characters as I was rushing him to the sink to clean up. It was gross, and preschool teachers are literally saints. 

The last two years in high school I decided I was going to go down the medical path because I thought my options were pretty much teacher or nurse. I don’t know why I thought the medical field would be a better fit for me if I was grossed out by preschooler snot, but clearly I wasn’t using my brain. 

I also had a brief period of wanting to be a receptionist for a doctor’s office, but I don’t like answering the phone so that never would have worked out.

Even when I started college I had to pick a major and I chose pre physical therapy for some unknown reason. About halfway through my first semester I realized I didn’t want to major in that and changed my major to general education. By the way, everyone pretty much takes the same first classes in their first year of college anyways so choosing a major isn’t super important in the beginning. 

In my last semester of my freshman year in college I had to take a filler class and chose Mass Communication. I learned about the radio, newspapers, the internet, etc., which was initially pretty boring, but something about it appealed to me and I changed my major to Mass Communication. When I went to MTSU I chose journalism as my major and minored in sociology. I didn’t realize until about three years into college that I was ultimately going to become reporter Porter, which definitely sounds silly. 

My main point is that it is OK to not have everything figured out and planned in the beginning, because sometimes things just work out.   

Standard reporter Bethany Porter can be reached at 473-2191.