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Re Porter - Ouch!
bethany porter

Last week I got injured. I can now confirm that it is true when they say it’s usually someone you know who will hurt you. The ones you take care of and try to love will hurt you the most in the end. I have been blaming myself since it happened, and I know I shouldn’t because ultimately it wasn’t my fault. She’s just too unstable. I am, of course, talking about my sister’s dog. 

Bailey, my sister’s crazy, fast, Australian Shepherd, got me. After an afternoon running errands with my sister, I brought her back to her house. Bailey had just been to the groomer so she was nice and fluffy and, against my better judgement, I decided to come inside and pet the fuzz ball.

Bailey loves seeing people she knows so sometimes she gets a little too excited. This time was no different and she peed on the floor. My sister asked me to take Bailey outside while she cleaned it up. She put a retractable leash on her and we were on our way. 

The neighbor’s dogs were out so all Bailey did was run to the fence and drag me around. My sister comes out and takes the leash from me. I am then in the middle of my sister and Bailey. Bailey takes off on the other side of me and the leash hits the back of my knees and gives me an unfortunate, painful burn. 

As soon as she started running in that direction I realized my mistake. The only reason she didn’t knock me down was because I jumped out, which probably made my burn worse. I then went inside the house to assess the damage. It was big and it hurt. When my sister came in I showed her the damage and she apologized. She’s a nurse and has seen worse, but I was hoping for some sympathy and she kind of delivered. 

She went to get me a Band-Aid and Bailey kept wanting my attention and didn’t realize I was upset with her. When my sister attempted to patch me up I kept telling her the whole thing was a burn and she kept trying to put the bandage on it anyway. Bailey kept putting her head near my wound and then I just busted out crying. I held Bailey’s head away from my wound saying, “Please get her away from me!” in between sniffles. 

My freaked-out sister then took me to the bathroom where she patched me up. I kept saying, “I’m not sad,” while crying, but I think I was. I was sad about my future shower that was going to HURT (it did). I was sad about the fact I was not going to be able to wear jeans all week (dresses and flowy pants only). I was also just sad that all I wanted to do was touch a fluffy dog and ended up injured. 

My burn is much better now and I have forgiven Bailey. I don’t recommend getting an injury on the back of the knee because it’s more essential than you think.

Southern Standard reporter Bethany Porter can be reached at (931) 473-2191.